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Visit Optimizer

Streamline manual processes of searching and matching the best employee for a vacant visit

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Reduce vacant visit scheduling processes from hours to just minutes each day!

Our customers' results speak for themselves

Average decrease in time required to fill visits
Average improvement in visit fulfillment
Improvement in data quality

Since we started using Visit Optimizer, we’ve eliminated the guesswork from scheduling vacant visits.


Balance workforce efficiency

Save time spent searching, matching and negotiating with caregivers to fill vacant visits. AlayaCare’s Visit Optimizer leverages advanced algorithms to match caregivers with vacant visits based on configurable criteria you set, ensuring the best fit for each patient and preserving care continuity.

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Improve business operations

Streamline your agency’s processes by minimizing manual effort and reducing reliance on guesswork, freeing up administrative staff to focus on high-priority tasks. With Visit Optimizer, minimize the time caregivers spend on travel and associated mileage costs and maximize time spent on direct patient care.  

Boost employee satisfaction

Improve caregiver retention by eliminating the risk of human bias in scheduling and utilize your entire workforce to reduce overworked caregivers. Ensure a balanced workload for care providers by selecting the best match based on skillsets, proximity to client and other selected criteria.

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Want to see how AlayaCare's Visit Optimizer streamlines manual searching and matches the right caregivers with open visits? Watch our webinar on-demand to learn more.

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