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Case Study

Enliven Home Infusion Specialists Increased revenue by 200% with enhanced RCM and coordinated care driven by AlayaCare

Enliven initially relied on manual paper documentation, supplemented by a basic online calendar to monitor visits and shifts. For charting, nurses filled out their charts on paper, then dispatched them to the head office via FedEx or UPS, often resulting in delivery delays spanning several days.  

Furthermore, the documentation requirements differed significantly among pharmacy partners. Some pharmacies had specific stipulations for their nursing records, and their manual processes were more prone to errors.  

With FedEx-induced delays and recurring errors on certain pharmacy forms, Enliven recognized the pressing need for an enhanced system to effectively manage and expand its operations.  

Faced with these challenges, Enliven identified three critical prerequisites in their search for a solution: 

  1. Transition from paper charts to a digital system
  2. Efficiently manage a substantial patient census  
  3. Adapt to individual pharmacy requirements regarding nursing documentation 

“When we first started a company, everything was handwritten on paper from documents waiting. Our nurses’ notes were all on paper and not electronic. Our scheduling system was recorded and kept track through a simple calendar system. So, we had to look for a specialty EMR system that can do pretty much everything for us from charting, scheduling, invoicing, and payroll.”

Ray Landingin

AlayaCare’s Home Infusion Software surfaced as the ideal remedy to Enliven’s operational obstacles. Here’s how AlayaCare revolutionized the landscape of Enliven’s operations: 

Leveraging AlayaCare, Enliven experienced a dramatic 40% decrease in billing processing time. The real-time digital documentation enabled swift invoice creation, yielding a savings of 30 minutes per invoice. Consequently, clients received reimbursements within a mere five days, a significant improvement from the week or longer they had to wait with the previous legacy software. 

“Completing our charts and our invoices usually took about seven days. Because of AlayaCare, we develop infusion subcontractor-specific billing with the ability to generate invoices right within the platform. This has saved us over 30 minutes of processing time compared to our legacy software AlayaCare has really helped to reduce our relative operations.”

Ray Landingin

Before implementing this new system, nurses were burdened with the manual task of dispatching their documents via FedEx or UPS. As Enliven expanded, the need for a reliable method for nurses to submit their paperwork punctually and manage patient scheduling seamlessly became paramount.  

AlayaCare’s platform provided a solution by allowing nurses to finalize all paperwork electronically on the day of infusion itself. This resulted in each nurse saving approximately 20 minutes of administrative time per visit, which amounted to a considerable 400 hours (about 2 and a half weeks) – roughly two weeks – every month. This streamlined their workflow and significantly reduced the stress associated with their roles. 

Every department was thoroughly trained and smoothly onboarded by AlayaCare to ensure optimal efficiency. “The implementation was remarkably seamless and well-coordinated, which was truly impressive,” shared Ray Landingin. 

“We were guided to determine the meeting time to learn all the necessary steps to initiate the process. In addition, we formed our own team with experts from various departments, benefiting from the diverse teams offered by AlayaCare, including finance, scheduling, and nursing notes.”

Ray Landingin

Utilizing AlayaCare, Enliven spectacularly tripled its growth within the US, doubled its workforce, and nearly doubled its partnerships with specialty pharmacies. This was achieved by automating workflows and enhancing efficiency across all operational sectors, including documentation, scheduling, and referral management.

Post-implementation of AlayaCare, Enliven’s reach extended far beyond Arizona, spanning across 11 states in the US. They now boast a dedicated team of nearly 300 field nurses, committed to providing exceptional care for their patients.

“We’ve been able to grow administrative staff sustainably and lower relative administrative costs and increase revenue with this growth of over 200% since signing in 2020 with AlayaCare.”

Ray Landingin

Leveraging AlayaCare’s platform, Enliven can now locate an available nurse for a patient based on geographical proximity, eliminating the need for guesswork. This strategic approach has significantly reduced unnecessary commute time for their nursing staff, contributing to increased nurse retention.

“My team, particularly those handling scheduling, have expressed immense appreciation for this program. They find it extremely user-friendly when it comes to admitting a new patient into our system and locating a nurse who is both available and lives near the patient. By considering the address and location of both the patient and the nurse, we can accurately determine whom to call or text to verify if that particular nurse can attend to the patient.”

Ray Landingin

The geographic capability of locating a nurse for a patient proved to be crucial for our scheduling team, as Ray Landingin stated. Rather than blindly attempting to deduce who resides closest to the nurse, all pertinent information was conveniently located within AlayaCare’s system. This feature streamlined the process and eliminated guesswork, making it an invaluable tool for the team.

Since the implementation of AlayaCare, Enliven has forged partnerships with more than 30 specialty pharmacies, a majority of which operate nationally. AlayaCare’s custom forms builder allowed Enliven to seamlessly conform to the diverse charting and documentation requirements set by their pharmacy partners. This feature enables Enliven to mandate specific documentation queries for their nurses, ensuring no step is overlooked. This guarantees that the documentation needed by a pharmacy partner is consistently entered, significantly enhancing their satisfaction. 

Furthermore, Enliven started leveraging AlayaCare’s Marketplace feature to augment their existing collaboration process with pharmacy partners. This strategic move boosted their referral rates and facilitated the cultivation of additional partnerships. 

 “We are very excited about the new marketplace feature that has started for our pharmacy partners through AlayaCare, we’re able to quickly see what our pharmacies have available for us as far as accepting new patients.”

Ray Landingin

Enliven’s partnership with AlayaCare underscores the transformative power of technology for home infusion. Harnessing the capabilities of AlayaCare’s Home Infusion software, Enliven successfully optimized its operations, bolstered efficiency, and spurred growth. This not only propelled their business forward but also significantly improved outcomes for their employees and, most crucially, patients. The transition from laborious manual procedures to sleek, streamlined workflows encapsulates the transformative potential of technology in home infusion. More than that, it exemplifies AlayaCare’s unwavering dedication to enhancing the delivery of home-based care services. 

Note: quotes have been edited for clarity and grammar.