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What's new in AlayaCare

Discover our latest AlayaCare Cloud product updates

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New Feature

Secure messaging

Stay connected is easier and safer than ever.  Our new HIPAA-compliant messaging feature improves the way your team collaborates and delivers care.

Built within a single platform

Protected, secure, and compliant

Free trial period

train your team

AlayaCare University

AlayaCare University is a learning management system with easy to use and gamified training material to get your team up and running and building their skills.

Data Exploration

get insights that drive decisions

Data exploration

Make more informed decisions with reporting and built-in analytics. More accurate and faster report creation lets you focus on important metrics and reduce downtime.

Custom report builder

Responsive user interface

Training packages available

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Privatus Care Solutions: Saving 10+ accounting hours monthly with AlayaCare

Better Living: Reducing client intake time from 45 to 15 minutes with AlayaCare’s Home Care Software

Professional Home Infusion: Faster turnaround time with AlayaCare’s home and specialty infusion software

Tri-State Infusion Nursing: Improving home infusion processes with AlayaCare

Partners in Community Nursing: Reducing resubmissions by 65% with AlayaCare’s Home Care Software

Caprock Home Health Services: Enhancing the caregiver experience with AlayaCare’s Home Care Software

now available

Payment processing with Alayacare’s gateway

Home health care companies can spend hours collecting, authorizing, and processing payments. With Alayacare’s integrated payment processing feature, your employees can spend less time on administration and more time growing the business and providing quality care.