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Consulting services that maximize value

An essential reason for choosing and optimizing with AlayaCare

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engagements that maximize value

Leverage our expertise to transform your agency

Our experienced team starts with a deep dive into your data and workflows, comparing them to industry benchmarks and best practices.  We tailor our engagement to where you're at and focus where we can maximize value - business process reengineering, data-driven insights and solution architecture and execution.

Not sure how to navigate software decision-making?  We can help with that too.


How does it work?

Missed visits engagement

Together with our customer, we identified a spike in missed visits due to schedulers not having enough time to send out offers for vacant visits proactively.

We extended the AlayaCare Cloud platform through the AlayaCare Connector API automation.

The solution?  Find vacant visits, match appropriate caregivers who have not yet worked 20 hours this week and send offers.

The result?  900 offers sent, 150 hours booked, 2+ hours/day overtime savings.

it's a journey

Digital transformation services

Our consulting team has you covered, whether your business is early or far along in its journey.  We're happy to talk about the success our customers can point to when they work with us on:

Prelaunch discovery engagements

Implementation and launch services

Forms, reports, and exports consulting

Business optimization services

AlayaCare configuration

Integrations, extensions, and automations


how does it work?

Adding new service lines

When COVID prevented groups from gathering, companies and events relied on testing to keep operating.

Our customer and their skilled workforce seized on this opportunity for their Ontario customer base.  When they realized their customers had businesses that extended into Quebec, they turned to AlayaCare for advice.

The solution?  We were able to connect like-minded agencies to expand one's geographic scope and another's service line.

The result?  Billing, payment and referral workflow is now automated and contained for both within the AlayaCare Cloud.

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