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Leader in integrated
home and community care in Prince Edward Island

Canadian-built platform driving efficiency, employee satisfaction
and better patient outcomes for Health Authorities and Health Systems


Empowering you to transform Canada's healthcare system.

AlayaCare is committed to an integrated home-based care model – one that uses data-driven technology
to better support health authorities and health systems with end-to-end home and community care.

Our results speak for themselves

reduction of clock-in and clock out errors by removing paper-based workflows
reduction in administrative costs related to scheduling, tracking users and entering data into multiple systems
reduction in home care travel costs via advanced algorithms that continuously optimize routes and schedules for thousands of employees

Achieve better patient outcomes

Maintain optimal care delivery during transition periods or in unforeseen circumstances to make better decisions, eliminate biases, and overall enhance patient equity with near real-time data.

Empower data-driven decisions through robust reporting and customized dashboards to flag health risks, eliminate biases, and avoid readmissions for medically complex cases

Enable secure, integrated connectivity for families, patients, and caregivers through our family portal for continuous care access.

Use data to drive decision making

Build a sustainable workforce by harnessing timely data-driven insights to align with the unique needs of your patients.

Utilize a customizable reporting system to gain insights into population health, patient risks, and care trends.

Measure the impact of your home care and community programs across your province.

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Empower clinical and non-clinical staff

Help your staff gain efficiencies with a platform that reduces paper and administrative tasks with point-of-care tools and customized forms.

Easily fill and schedule shifts in seconds with optimized scheduling that reduces mileage and travel time for staff.

Give your field staff a robust, quick, and intuitive mobile application with offline access and a GPS-stamped audit trail to enhance caregiver and patient safety.

Support the entire continuum of care

Streamline multi-disciplinary care operations from intake, InterRAI assessments, reconciliation, to discharge.

Provide visibility of the patient care plan to all key stakeholders across the entire care continuum journey in one integrated system.

Leverage our flexible platform to support your care delivery model and access an integrated staffing marketplace for high-demand locations and personnel shortages.

AlayaWeb_Illustration_Create seamless journeys for clients-01

Build efficiencies and automate operations

Automate workflows and gain seamless bi-directional information flow with other tools, systems, and organizations.

Securely provide care teams with everything they need to confidently direct point-of-care activities while providing administrators with the tools to reduce manual tasks and maximize resources.

Rely on our platform to relieve you of administrative tasks, enabling you to direct your resources and workforce towards delivering care more efficiently and maintaining the highest standard of service quality.

Increase interoperability

Configure the system to your organizational needs and achieve complete extensibility across regions.

Achieve horizontal and vertical integration across your community, provincial, and hospital systems.

Leverage our in-house app builder, open APIs and built-in partner integrations to meet your cross-organizational needs.


What our Canadian partners say about AlayaCare:

Very easily we went from 1 to 40 locations in the span of five years, and about 50 to 850 caregivers.

Alison Green,

Bien Chez Soi

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We've been able to save 50 hours of manual labor, allowing our staff to refocus on meeting the needs of our community.

Doug Rawson,

Helping Hands Orillio

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It's a more secure platform in which we felt more confident about our client information.

Karen Chartier,

Lake Ridge Community Support Services

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We use data within AlayaCare to help with our hiring and planning of our staff.

Kelly McWilliams & Mike Felker,

Acclaim Health

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Canadian health authorities face a crucial decision in selecting effective home care software. The chosen software must ensure equitable resource distribution, streamline multidisciplinary care coordination, prioritize patient outcomes, and support employee retention. It should also offer mobility, interoperability, and comprehensive reporting on population health indicators for informed strategic decisions.

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