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Press release

AlayaCare and Davis Pier Transform Care Delivery for Prince Edward Island (PEI) Health System in Strategic Relationship

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Home-based care technology platform and Canadian consultancy work together to design and address PEI home care reform mandates, implementing a modern and advanced end-to-end home care solution.

MONTREAL, CANADA—31st May 2023—AlayaCare, a technology platform for home and community-based care, today shared details of its collaborative, strategic relationship with Davis Pier, a Canadian consulting firm with offices in Halifax, Toronto, and Charlottetown. AlayaCare and Davis Pier designed and implemented the first-ever home health platform that successfully addresses PEI’s provincial care mandate. With the growing demand for home-based care across Canada, Davis Pier and AlayaCare helped Health PEI implement and realize the most modern home care management solution in Canada.

In 2021, Health PEI engaged Davis Pier in a consulting relationship to update its government health system design and home care ecosystem. Transforming an entire provincial home health system is a complex undertaking. AlayaCare stepped up to the challenge, joining Davis Pier in leveraging each other’s strategic knowledge to build and implement a modernized home care platform for Health PEI, rivaling advanced programs in other countries. Both companies guided Health PEI in planning and deploying Canada’s most technologically advanced home care platform.

“Davis Pier specializes in solving complex government and social challenges while driving positive impact for the communities where we serve,” said Darryl Pierrynowski, Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Davis Pier. “The AlayaCare platform was a critical enabler of Health PEI’s Home Care Service Transformation to support caregivers and their clients wishing to recover and receive care in the safety of their own homes. As the demand for home care grows across Canada, we are excited about future collaborations with AlayaCare,” added Pierrynowski.

The alliance between AlayaCare and Davis Pier worked efficiently to meet the needs and objectives of Health PEI, following a well-strategized evaluation, discovery, change management, data transfer, and technology implementation period. AlayaCare platform education and training were also implemented for Health PEI home caregivers, benefitting all PEI residents who receive care in the place they call home.

“Since the founding of AlayaCare, our mission has been one of compassion and need—to create a better end-to-end platform, leveraging the most advanced technologies, optimized to make home care more available to our aging population worldwide,” said Adrian Schauer, Founder, and CEO of AlayaCare. “As we deploy the AlayaCare platform across Canada, Davis Pier is an important consulting ally working with us as we help provincial health authorities provide more efficient, secure, and optimized access to home-based care,” added Schauer.

The AlayaCare Cloud platform is deployed across all of PEI, with a province-wide implementation underway in Newfoundland and Labrador. AlayaCare is used in public, private, and community-based home care organizations in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Alberta, New Brunswick, and Québec.  To learn how AlayaCare helps transform home-based care in North America, Australia, and New Zealand, visit: