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Maximize and streamline reimbursement

More accurate invoicing with our integrated billing solution

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Improving outcomes

Reduce errors that impact claims and payment processing

Having the right software that makes billing easier and lets you bill all payer sources is key to avoiding headaches down the line. AlayaCare's end-to-end software is configurable with zero-to-gross payroll calculations and payroll export, along with flexible multi-tiered billing management to support multiple rates and rules for private and public payers. 

Leverage AlayaCare's billing software to get ahead of denied claims, reduce costs to collect, and improve your cash flow—so you can focus resources on even better client care.


Integrated care

Billing software for government

AlayaCare brings accuracy and timeliness to the billing process with government payers.  We work with clearing houses and can create billing files that make reimbursement simpler and faster.

Optimize billing

Billing software for insurance

Optimize and expand your policy options to improve the client experience with AlayaCare’s long term care insurance billing solution. We streamline the submission process so that data management and bulk invoicing can be completed with a few clicks leaving you to focus on providing a holistic and high-touch home care experience.  Ask about our bill on behalf capabilities.


Prevent denied claims

Billing software for Medicaid

The Medicaid billing landscape is one of the most complex and highly regulated in the home care industry. AlayaCare has created a comprehensive Medicaid billing software that supports multiple payer sources so you can focus less on the billing process and more on growing your business and improving client outcomes.

Accurate billing

Billing software for Medicare

AlayaCare's end-to-end software solution empowers agencies to deliver quality care in the home to the most vulnerable member populations on Medicare Advantage Plans. AlayaCare handles your billing electronically with a cloud-based, mobile-ready solution that can handle your payments quickly and accurately.


Real-time billing

Billing software for private pay

Our all-in-one private-pay billing solution offers flexible multi-tiered billing management to support multiple rates and rules for private payers. The platform enables invoicing, real-time billing processing, payment reconciliation, and more.

Accurate billing

Billing software for Veterans Affairs

Billing third-party vendors, such as Veteran Affairs, has never been easier. AlayaCare offers electronic invoicing and the best possible customer service to help you significantly reduce your billing time and maximize reimbursements. 


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Simplified billing process

Get in touch with us to see how we are enabling agencies to provide high-touch, holistic customer experiences by simplifying the billing process.