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Discover the power of artificial intelligence in home & community care.

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What we do

We are scientists, engineers, product managers, client service professionals and homecare industry experts dedicated to reimagining the future of care delivered at home by leveraging emerging technologies. As the research and development arm of AlayaCare, we research and build AI driven solutions to offer decisional support to all players and users in the home care supply chain.

Employee Retention Dashboard

Employee retention dashboard

Employee retention dashboards track key metrics to help spot the warning signs of churn. The satisfaction score model predicts which employees are at risk of churning.

Visualize early warning signs of churn such as late clock-ins, disengagement, low offer acceptance rates, and punctuality.

Monitor employee satisfaction in real-time to identify trends and apply targeted intervention strategies.

Drill down on personalized benchmarking metrics to compare turnover rates across franchises and offices.

Visit Optimizer

The Visit Optimizer streamlines the manual process of searching and matching the best employee care provider for a vacant visit via advanced algorithms.

It balances considerations such as care providers' availability, skillset, and service areas, while preserving patient care continuity, to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Eliminates manual scheduling effort and guesswork, reduces errors and frees up admin staff from repetitive tasks.

Reduces costs associated with mileage expenses and travel time for care providers, while minimizing wait times for patients, improving their experience.

It reduces the time gap between the date of hire and the first scheduled visit for new care providers, enhancing their work experience from the start, and the burden of overwork on tenured employees.

Better client and care provider matching results in better outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Visit Optimizer Graphic
Employee Retention Dashboard

Clinical notes detector

The Clinical Notes Detector uses natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to automatically detect important information from patient notes and documentation.

Improve clinical decision-making by flagging key information.

Save time with clinical review workflows and operational processes.

Predict and prevent adverse events and improve overall patient outcomes.

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