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The demand for care in the home is growing rapidly, presenting more opportunities for agencies to expand and scale their businesses. Agencies of all sizes trust AlayaCare to improve outcomes for their clients and their bottom line. 

With AlayaCare, ensure your operations are consistent across multiple locations, information is updated and viewable for key stakeholders in any office in real-time, and key business performance metrics are immediately visible, leaving you to focus on growing your business.

Group of business person in discussion in the office

5000+ clients

Enterprise agencies

Increase efficiencies to effectively scale your business with a platform that is changing the way care in the home is delivered with advanced technology.

Machine learning to harness your data

Secure and scalable

Seamless connectivity and interoperability

Connect your workforce with our mobile app

Enterprise Company Benefits

Scale your business with AlayaCare

Robust Data Analytics

Monitor your data to analyze and identify inefficiencies and growth opportunities to create the capacity needed to grow your business.

Investment in Research & Development

Secure cloud environment that scales with your business and is constantly upgrading. AlayaCare is investing more in R&D than any other software provider to ensure you have the latest innovation to improve outcomes.

Extensive Partner Ecosystem

Consolidate your systems into a single solution with third-party turn-key integrations with more than 30 partners in the AlayaSphere. Use our product in a way that best suits your needs.

Harness your Data

Capturing clinical and event data is tremendously useful to monitor clients. With Machine Learning, we can augment that task and the outcomes by analyzing data and predicting events.


750-5000 clients

Large agencies

Streamline and automate tedious workflows, processes, and approvals, leaving you to focus on optimizing operations and boosting productivity.

Extensive back-office suite

Advanced reporting, analytics and insights

Integrated business intelligence

Multi office capabilities

Large Company Benefits

Streamline your business with AlayaCare

Meet Complex Billing Needs

With AlayaCare’s Payor Invoicing capabilities, you’ll have the flexibility to manage multiple payer sources and ensure they are charged with exactly what they are intended to be charged.

Stay Compliant

All-in-one, web based solution with an incorporated mobile, GPS-based EVV that works seamlessly across all modules. Use with any internet enabled device.

Improve Client Satisfaction

Leverage advanced reports and KPIs to track and report on on-time client visits, overall client satisfaction, employee retention, medical billing and health care outcomes.

Stay Connected

Provide caregivers with real-time access to schedules, route details, billing, safety, time tracking, patient data, and form reporting.


Up to 750 Clients

Small & medium agencies

With tools designed to increase staff efficiency and effectiveness, AlayaCare’s end-to-end software solutions help small and medium-sized businesses grow and thrive at any pace.

Easy-to-use point of care documentation

Optimized and strategic scheduling and coordination

Simplified billing process

Small/Medium Company Benefits

Grow your business with AlayaCare

Custom Forms

Digitize or build any form or report into a digital format allowing your care providers to chart and document at the point of care from any device.

Route Optimization

Digitize or build any form or report into a digital format allowing your care providers to chart and document at the point of care from any device.

Simplified Billing & Payroll

Support multiple payer sources so you can focus less on billing processes and more on growing your business and improving client outcomes.


Incorporate mobile, GPS-based visit verification that works seamlessly across all modules, providing total accuracy and helping you to meet your compliance needs.

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