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AlayaCare Connector

Move data between systems with just a few clicks, allowing you to focus on improving outcomes.

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Connect with any app

Choose from hundreds of apps or connect with any API

Easily create integrations you need

AlayaCare Connector’s visual editor makes integrations easy. Simply drag and drop the apps you want to connect to, and the tool does all the work for you. No coding is required.

Discover more ways to automate workflows

Tackle simple or complex workflows in AlayaCare without losing efficiency.

Examples include:

Visit cancellation SMS notifications

Vaccine tracking automation

Automated permissions updates

Applicant tracking forms to employee profiles

And more!

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Want to see how you can start integrating systems and automating workflows in just a few simple clicks? Watch our webinar on-demand to learn more.

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Get in touch to learn how you can start building automations and simplifying workflows without writing a line of code with the AlayaCare Connector.