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Gain Business and Client Health Insight

How can you use all your data to your advantage?

Data Exploration

Transform reams of data into insights that make an impact

Our Data Exploration feature gives you the super power to create more accurate reports - significantly faster. With Data Exploration, you have the flexibility and access to turn reporting and analytics into real insight.

Measure Business

Easy to Use

Measure business performance in one place

AlayaCare’s performance-driven data exploration feature is intuitive, easy to use, and offers the tools you need to create configurable reports, visualizations, and calculations. It’s everything you need to become a better, data-driven home-based care organization.

Turns data into actionable insights

Custom reporting

Decision-driving reporting and analytics

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Explore the benefits of data-driven insights

Keep track of your key agency metrics with dashboards that are unique to your business. Whether you’re a scheduler, administrator, or clinical user, dashboards make it easy to organize saved reports, filter through analytics, and get the insights that support decision-making to achieve better outcomes.

Customized reporting

Pull reports, look at your analytics and immediately put insights into practice

24/7 access

Work on reporting when you want to and stay on top of how your business is performing

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See how Alayacare can help your organization first-hand with a demo that will show you the benefits of our platform and answer all your questions.