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Predictions for home-based care in 2024 in North America 

Predictions for home-based care in 2024 in North America 

By Adrian Schauer / January 10, 2024

Author: Adrian Schauer, CEO of AlayaCare A year ago, we anticipated the industry gearing up to manage repetitive tasks more efficiently. With economic and resource restraints, we see the industry embracing the opportunity to achieve more with less through solutions such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), highly personalized care plans, the adoption of integrated care models,…

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home health and home care billing

Maximizing profits: Essential strategies for billing home health and home care services

By AlayaCare / January 3, 2024

Navigating billing home health services can seem like navigating a maze. Cut through the confusion with our expert insights. Learn how to manage Medicare and Medicaid claims, prevent costly errors, and choose the right billing software for your billing home health needs. Begin your journey to a more streamlined billing system and healthier financial outcomes…

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4 tips Home Care Can Use to Achieve Rapid Growth in a Rapidly Changing Industry

4 ways tech can optimize daily home care scheduling and routes

By AlayaCare / December 5, 2023

For many home care providers, there is no lack of clients or business coming their way. The real challenge is how to recruit and retain high-quality staff to meet the demand. Many HR and Operations Managers look to bring on more staff, which is part of the answer, but we believe increasing the utilization of…

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Medication management at AlayaCare

3 benefits of integrated medication management systems for home-based care 

By AlayaCare / November 8, 2023

Taking medications as prescribed is one of the most important aspects of health recovery and better outcomes. Registered nurses and licensed nurses in skilled nursing agencies help ensure that patients are taking the correct medication and dosage at home, at the correct time, and in accordance with the physician’s orders. This includes inputting accurate and…

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Medicare advantage

4 Strategies to differentiate yourself from competitors in home health  

By AlayaCare / March 7, 2023

The home health industry in the USA is growing rapidly due to an aging population and an increased demand for healthcare services provided in the home. This growth in home health has led to an increase in competition among different providers, making it necessary for home health providers to start differentiating themselves presenting the organization…

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