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The Tools Home Care Workers Need to Increase Travel Efficiency


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According to a report by the Foundation for Hospice and Home Care at a press conference on December 15th in Washington, D.C., home care aides, nurses, and therapists who serve elderly, disabled, and chronically ill patients across the United States drove 7.88 billion miles and made more than 718 visits in 2013 alone.

Home care agencies have multiple nurses and workers on the road, driving back and forth on client visits daily. These trips can be costly and time-consuming, but it must be done – after all, patients rely on home care professionals to provide their care.

With new technologies emerging, home care providers have the ability to cut travel time and enhance care. Here are some of the tools the AlayaCare platform offers that can greatly reduce the time home care workers spend traveling to and from their visits:

Care Worker Mobile App
By placing the right technology in the hands of field workers, they have the opportunity to be better connected for their home care visits.

With home care apps like AlayaCare, your care team has access to real-time schedules, route details, billing, safety, time tracking, patient data, forms, and reporting, allowing staff to reduce time spent on secondary tasks such as paperwork, data entry and travel tracking.

Imagine the possibility of eliminating travel expenses while also increasing patient access to care.

With virtual care tools and real-time transmission through remote monitoring, video conferencing, and store and forward technologies, your agency can minimize the need for travel and allow care workers to share data remotely, thus facilitating interactions and collaboration between clients and health professionals.

Schedule and Route Optimization
Florian Grenouilleau, Researcher at AlayaCare, along with Director of AlayaLabs, Jonathan Valleé, have developed an innovative solution, which significantly reduces the amount of time nurses and other care workers spend on the road.

Through the use of innovative algorithms, the AlayaCare software has the ability to optimize routes and schedules, reducing the time employees are on the roads, and increasing their time with clients.

With greater pressure on care workers to provide more care in less time, technology can easily increase their productivity, and as a result improve the quality of care.

Increasing efficiency and productivity are just a couple of the benefits that can be seen from implementing AlayaCare’s home care software platform.

For more information on how our platform provides field staff with the technology they need to travel more efficiently, request a demo of the solution today.