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AlayaCare Apps

Gain a competitive edge by building and deploying personalized apps that integrate seamlessly into your AlayaCare platform to meet your specific needs.

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AlayaCare Apps

Maximize efficiency with apps designed for your agency

Streamline your operations with personalized apps that match your agency's unique workflows and requirements. With AlayaCare Apps, you can customize your platform with tools, workflows, processes and reports built to optimize your critical operations such as


Billing and payroll

Employee management

And more...

Accelerate your digital transformation with a bespoke, purpose-built platform

Make your staff’s day-to-day tasks easier with a solution that feels specially made for your agency. AlayaCare Apps allows you to simplify processes by seamlessly integrating tailored apps that align with how your teams operate, embedding core but custom workflows directly into the AlayaCare platform for an intuitive user experience.

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Stay future-proof with continuous innovation

Gain a competitive edge by rapidly evolving your operations to meet changing demands. Through AlayaCare Apps, you can enhance your solution  to capitalize on new opportunities quickly. Stay ahead of competition and improve your care outcomes with a solution that supports your growing needs better than any one-size-fits-all software in the market.

AlayaCare App Categories

Choose the apps that are right for your agency


Custom Apps

Custom-developed apps that are 100% designed and tailored to your needs.

Eliminate operational constraints with custom apps that are designed specifically for your agency and use case

Enhance service delivery through custom apps designed to optimize patient care experiences

Rapidly adapt to evolving industry and remove your dependence on any roadmaps with your own custom development that can integrate any new capabilities you need


Library Apps

A collection of pre-built apps that cater to specific use cases that enhance your platform.

Choose and deploy apps from a library without extensive custom development timelines or expenses

Accelerate process improvements by leveraging pre-built apps that boost efficiency for common home-based care agency needs

Extend AlayaCare Cloud's capabilities quickly with library apps that seamlessly integrate with your existing processes

See AlayaCare Apps in action

Watch a live platform tour of AlayaCare Apps:

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