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How EVV can help home-based care recruit — and keep — top staff

EVV helping recruit and retain staff

The home-based care industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace. With the introduction of the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system, there’s a significant shift in how service delivery is recorded and verified, particularly for Medicaid programs. But, beyond compliance with these new rules, EVV presents an opportunity for agencies to enhance their operations, improve staff retention, and recruit top talent.

The role of EVV in home-based care

EVV is a technology-based system that verifies the provision of certain home health services. It collects information about the type of service provided, the individual receiving the service, the date and location of service delivery, and the individual providing the service. Read our blog to learn more.

How EVV is boosting staff retention and recruitment

Staffing has always been a concern for home care agencies. Currently, the turnover rate is about 80%, and replacing an employee can cost over $4,500 USD in resources. The reasons behind this are complex, ranging from low pay to a lack of advancement opportunities. But there’s another factor at play: inefficient processes that make the job harder than it needs to be.

So, how can EVV help? Here are five key ways:

  1. Efficiency and ease: EVV solutions streamline caregivers’ workflow, reducing tedious paperwork and enhancing efficiency. The shift towards digital records reduces the burden of manual data entry and allows caregivers to spend more time focusing on their clients.
  2. Transparency: The transparent nature of EVV assures caregivers that their efforts are properly documented and recognized. This transparency can promote trust between caregivers and their employers.
  3. Support: With EVV, caregivers can access support and guidance from their offices, helping them navigate unexpected situations during home visits. This immediate access to support can decrease stress and improve job satisfaction.
  4. Accountability: EVV holds all parties accountable, helping to prevent disputes over service delivery. This accountability can lead to a more harmonious work environment.
  5. Professional growth: The data collected through EVV can be used for performance reviews, helping caregivers identify areas for improvement and growth. This potential for professional development can increase job satisfaction and retention.

A Case in Point: The Impact of EVV on North Country Home Services (NCHS) in NY State

To meet the LHCSA regulations in New York, organizations must use Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) to receive reimbursement. The transition from paper forms and manual data entry to AlayaCare has benefited North Country Home Services (NCHS) in multiple ways.

With AlayaCare, the NCHS now maintains electronic records of every visit, ensuring greater accuracy and reducing errors. This has resulted in significant time savings, as rectifying mistakes and dealing with ineligible client visits are no longer major concerns.

The deployment of AlayaCare has streamlined processes for nurses and coordinators. They can easily upload information directly from their mobile devices, making their jobs more convenient and efficient.

Thanks to these improvements, the organization has achieved an impressive compliance rate of 90 to 95% for EVV in New York. This not only ensures proper documentation of visits but also contributes to better recruitment and retention of aides of all ages.

By embracing EVV with AlayaCare, NCHS has enhanced its operations, simplified workflows, and ultimately improved recruitment and retention efforts.

Watch our full webinar to hear North Country Home Services’ full story:

Embracing EVV for a stronger care team

Deploying Electronic Visit Verification is not just about meeting regulatory requirements. It’s an opportunity to streamline operations, provide transparency, and offer professional development opportunities. By doing so, home-based care organizations can create a better work environment that helps to recruit and retain top talent.

So, if your organization is yet to embrace EVV, it’s time to make the shift and take advantage of the benefits it offers. Let AlayaCare help you make this transition with ease and success – get in touch today.

Want to learn more about AlayaCare’s EVV system? Watch our live platform tour below!

EVV Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about EVV? We got you covered! Take a look at our FAQs page for all things EVV.

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