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Integration with Viventium

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Viventium is empowering people to matter.

Viventium understands that payroll is complicated (especially in home care) due to multiple rates, retroactive pay and overtime, and even complexities at the state and local levels. Their flexible software addresses these unique pay calculations, and they have a high-quality Dedicated Health Support Team to provide expert guidance. Beyond payroll, Viventium offers a wide range of a la carte HCM services to help automate manual processes – everything from talent acquisition and onboarding, to benefits administration and ACA compliance, to human resources and learning. Viventium is the leader in home care payroll and HR.

Integration benefits

Better employee experience

Detailed pay stub shows date of service, patient name, type of care, and clock-in clock-out for total transparency in pay.

Save time and money

Avoid wasted time and errors associated with double entry.

Schedule shifts faster

Transfer caregiver records and contact details directly into AlayaCare.

Integration Features

This is a one-way integration in which employee data is seamlessly pushed from Viventium into AlayaCare.

Viventium will act as the system of record, handling applicant tracking and onboarding for agency staff before pushing their data to AlayaCare for scheduling. Viventium will then handle payroll processing for our mutual clients.

  • Over 25 synced fields
  • Synchronize caregiver profile information within AlayaCare
  • Automatically calculates the most complex payroll functions
  • Save time from double entry


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