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Four Ways to Reduce Home Care Worker Turnover


With the proportion of seniors over 65 expected to double by 2031 (statcan), the need to hire and retain high quality home care workers to meet the growing demands has never been higher.

Having a high turnover rate can be very taxing and could have a dwindling effect on your business.

A common solution for this problem would be to incentivize employees with raises, benefits and other compensations, but this might not be an economically viable solution for your agency.

Here are some other practical solutions that could help you maintain or grow care worker retention without hiking up your business expenditures:

  1. Performance recognition: A good way to boost your care workers job satisfaction is to give them recognition for providing high quality services to your clients. Positive feedback makes employees feel valued and appreciated for their work. AlayaCare’s home care software gives you full visibility into care worker activities, ultimately allowing you to easily complete performance reviews by seamlessly tracking and recognizing care worker feedback, notes and activities.

  1. Listen to your care workers: If a care worker openly communicates their unhappiness with their work environment or any other difficult situation, make sure to give them your full attention, listen to them and respond accordingly. Providing a supportive work environment where care workers feel like their opinions and needs are heard will foster employee loyalty and reduce your turnover rate.
  1. Learning opportunities: There are a number of certifications, credentials and licensing needs for care workers, which can be easy to lose track of. With a system like AlayaCare, automatic notifications are generated when care worker skills and qualifications are about to expire, keeping you and your care workers updated on their credentials. By reminding care workers of their job expectations, and offering them ongoing training will prove to your employees that you’re thinking about their growth, development, and want them to feel confident in their abilities.

  1. Give them the tools they need: In order to deliver the highest quality of care, having the tools to be the most efficient is crucial for success in the home care industry. With new home care systems and software solutions being introduced into the market, care workers have ability to be more informed and prepared for client visits than ever before. With the AlayaCare software, care workers have complete visibility into everything they need before their visits occur, ensuring they can deliver the best care possible. Providing your care workers with effective tools and solutions will make their lives easier and empower them to provide better care.