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The 3 causes of 90-day caregiver turnover: insights from industry experts

The 3 Causes of 90-Day Caregiver Turnover: Insights from Industry Experts

The home care industry has been facing a significant challenge – a high turnover rate among caregivers. In an episode of Home Health 360, “The Top 3 Causes of 90-Day Caregiver Turnover,” industry leader Stephen Tweed, founder of Home Care CEO Forum, and Jeff Howell, Director of Growth and Podcast Host at AlayaCare, discuss the key reasons behind the high turnover rate affecting the caregiver industry. Here are insights on the 3 major causes of caregiver turnover and how the home care industry can overcome these challenges.  

The three major causes for caregiver turnover according to Stephen Tweed 

1. Lack of effective systems 

A lack of robust, well-documented systems can lead to operational inefficiency and frustration, ultimately causing caregivers to leave. 

According to Tweed, the first major cause of caregiver turnover is the lack of effective systems. Systems thinking, as he described, involves a “well-defined, step-by-step process coupled with disciplined people to execute these processes consistently”. Leaders who possess the necessary data, information, knowledge, experience, and wisdom are the ones who can make good strategic decisions to combat this issue. 

2. Inadequate attention to caregivers 

Caregivers often don’t receive the necessary attention and appreciation from the back office. This leads to feelings of neglect and subsequent turnover. 

The second factor which was discussed was the inadequate attention given to caregivers. Caregivers are at the heart of the home care service. They often don’t receive the necessary attention and respect from their workplaces. It’s important to create a culture to ensure awareness of the paycheck balance and with structured touch points. According to Jeff, it allows the back office to take the responsibility of providing caregivers with the support and attention they need to feel validated. 

3. Bad hiring decisions 

Hiring unfit candidates simply to fill the caregiver deficit can result in subpar performance and dissatisfaction among clients, leading to increased turnover. 

The third and final cause Tweed identified is bad hiring decisions. Right now demand for caregivers exceeds the supply. Settling for subpar hires can lead to dissatisfaction among clients and increased caregiver turnover. Howell also added that as an industry, it is crucial not to settle for bad hires that will only cause problems for everyone involved.  

Throughout the conversation, Stephen and Jeff highlight the importance of developing a culture that values and supports caregivers. By prioritizing quality hiring, and implementing structured touchpoints it can ensure caregivers receive the care and attention they deserve. 

These insights are invaluable, especially when the home care industry is witnessing a caregiving crisis. By implementing robust systems, giving better attention to caregivers, and making smart hiring decisions, home care businesses can significantly reduce caregiver turnover. 

Listen to the full episode here or on your favorite podcast platform.


Stephen Tweed

Founder of Home Care CEO Forum

Stephen Tweed, a renowned expert in home health and executive leadership consulting, is a versatile professional. Back in 1996, he divided his speaking and consulting business into two divisions. The first, Executive Mastery, focuses on executive coaching and team development consulting. The second, Leading Home Care, provides strategic advisory services exclusively for home health, hospice, and private duty sectors. Stephen works closely with leaders who aim to be at the forefront of their industry, helping them reach the top 10% of the business. Afterwards in 2012, he founded Home Care CEO. It’s a platform that enables owners, administrators, and C-Suite executives from leading agencies to connect, exchange information, find solutions, and craft growth strategies together.

Jeff Howell

VP of Growth at AlayaCare and host of Home Health 360  

With almost 20 years of sales and marketing experience, Jeff Howell joined AlayaCare in 2017 and is now the Director of Growth at AlayaCare, where he spearheads North America’s go-to-market strategies. With his extensive knowledge in the home healthcare domain, Jeff is also the host of the most electrifying home health podcast globally – Home Health 360 podcast, engaging with home health leaders worldwide. Prior to joining AlayaCare, Jeff worked in commercial real estate, helping brands such as Lego, Mozilla, Ocean Spray, and Edward Jones. 

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