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Caregiver Churn

The Faces of Our Workforce: Strategies to Recruit and Retain Caregivers [Webinar Recap]

The faces of our workforce: Strategies to recruit and retain caregivers [Webinar Recap] 

By AlayaCare / May 15, 2023

It’s no secret that home-based care agencies face a huge challenge: caregiver retention. Even after the often-difficult task of recruiting caregivers, 57% turnover within the first 3 months of employment. As a result, 85% of all home care providers are currently turning away cases due to a lack of staff.   AlayaCare sponsored a webinar…

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4 growth strategies for home care agencies according to industry experts

By AlayaCare / October 14, 2022

On Oct 4th, 2022, Home Health Care News, in partnership with AlayaCare, hosted a webinar: “Growth Strategies for Home Care Agencies”. This webinar was focused on home-based care growth plans and what strategies are best for home care organizations to gain financial health and continue to grow and be successful in the industry.    

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3 Tips from top executives to help with retention and recruitment

By AlayaCare / August 18, 2022

On July 21st, 2022, Home Health Care News, in partnership with AlayaCare, hosted a webinar: “Improving Caregiver Recruitment and Retention for your Home Care Agency”. This webinar was focused on the subject surrounding the caregiver recruitment and retention crisis and how home care organizations could overcome these challenges to continue to grow and be successful…

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Supporting patient, caregiver and family engagement with technology

By AlayaCare / July 19, 2022

Families have turned away from nursing homes and other institutionalized settings at record rates over the last few years. Instead, they’re choosing home care for their loved ones. As a result, home care organizations are not only caring for more clients – but more clients with acute and complex needs.

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5 Tips on automating client risk management in home care

How innovative home care agencies use technology to improve employee experience

By AlayaCare / May 3, 2022

Home care is on the precipice of seismic shifts. accelerated by technology, demand & supply fluctuations, and evolving preferences of both patients and caregivers.   Throughout the history of modern healthcare to date, care has been primarily centered around providers. While this has increased efficiency for clinicians and health systems, it can render care inaccessible…

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How the right technology can support recruitment and retention during the caregiver shortage

By AlayaCare / April 1, 2022

At-home care is one of the fastest-growing healthcare segments in North America, even before the pandemic. US Government stats rank home care as one of the US’s fastest-growing occupations, with an additional million workers needed by 2026 (an increase of 50% from 2014). In recent years, the demand for at-home care has increased drastically, however,…

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Top 5 ways your home care organization can leverage data exploration now

By AlayaCare / July 29, 2021

We’ve written extensively on the importance of data when it comes to providing your agency with meaningful, quantitative insights and decision-making support. We’ve also invested heavily in our own software so that it offers the most intuitive, accurate reporting capabilities – so it’s as easy as possible to pull the information you need.

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AlayaCare Using Predictive Analytics to Increase Caregiver Retention

By AlayaCare / June 10, 2021

Employee Churn and Pandemic Primary Pain Points for Home Care Providers

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Expert Insights: How To Address Caregiver Churn in the Home Care Industry Right Now

By AlayaCare / May 31, 2021

In 2021, as in years past, employee churn is a major pain point in the accelerating, competitive home care industry. 

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