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Cloud-Based EHRs: A Flexible Approach to Interoperability


As we all know, the home healthcare industry and the delivery of home care are undergoing transformational changes. As an industry that is still widely undigitized, evolving technologies such as electronic health records (EHRs), mobile health (mHealth), virtual health (vHealth), wearables, etc. are rapidly altering home care’s prognosis.

These new evolving technologies will give providers the ability to intake massive amounts of new data, which lead to insights the industry has never seen before—it’s an exciting and revolutionary time for home healthcare.

To keep up with the evolving technology, it’s increasingly important for providers to have systems in place that give them quick access to accurate information. Having the ability to deliver and exchange this abundance of new data to stakeholders and systems of all sizes and capabilities for their own use and interpretation – or in other words, interoperability – would dramatically increase the quality of care.

Obviously achieving a truly interoperable home care system is a tall order, but there is a step agency’s can take in order keep up with the developing trend: adapting to a cloud-based EHR system.

Cloud-based EHRs provide a combination of functionality, flexibility and efficiency, while reducing the cost and effort of converting to an electronic system. Interoperability can be achieved through SaaS based applications interacting in the cloud and concurrently providing the following capabilities:

  • Cloud-based systems allow for consistent information interpretation and understanding across all stakeholders.
  • Cloud-based systems are secure and can support large amounts of data, with the ability to continuously perform regardless of any system interruptions or failures

In times of great change there is big risk in adapting to systems that don’t meet the demands of evolving technology. Cloud-based EHRs and pediatric emr systems improve data capturing and portability, while saving employees time and reducing overall costs. The future of home health care is full of potential and excitement, so if there’s one way to break down barriers and open the door to interoperability, adapting a cloud-based EHR would be the place to start.