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AlayaCare Using Predictive Analytics to Increase Caregiver Retention


Employee Churn and Pandemic Primary Pain Points for Home Care Providers

According to new research from AlayaCare, while COVID-19 remains the top challenge identified by home-based care operators, more than half of respondents specifically pointed to caregiver shortage and 45 per cent noted employee churn as critical pain points.

AlayaLabs, AlayaCare’s data science team, is helping care agencies manage limited personnel resources and identify retention risks so that they can intervene before an employee departs.

“Employee churn is a constant challenge for home care agencies,” said Naomi Goldapple, Head of AlayaLabs at AlayaCare. “We know that inconsistent hours, poor scheduling, and lag time between hiring and deploying a new employee can greatly detract from employee engagement. With our business intelligence capabilities, we’re able to help clients identify retention metrics and provide daily reports so that managers can act on the data and reduce the likelihood of an employee leaving.”

Caregiver turnover by location

The employee satisfaction data is easily consumed via client-specific dashboards, which measure employee retention and business performance. The dashboard highlights how an agency is performing around its retention metrics, and flags those that are known to be indicators of at-risk caregivers. As an example, younger employees tend to quit at a far higher turnover rate, so dashboards allow for reporting by age, with ‘drill down’ capabilities to see underlying data points.

“Having a tool to predict employees who may be disengaged or dissatisfied prior to this happening is invaluable,” said Lee Grunberg, President & CEO, Integracare. “With the dashboard and algorithm behind it, we can see a caregivers’ satisfaction or engagement trend over time, and deploy preventative measures to reduce the likelihood that they’ll resign. It has empowered our coordinators to be much more retention-driven.”

According to Grunberg, because of the insights offered by the dashboard, they were able to improve overall employee satisfaction by 30 per cent. Coordinators were able to use the data to identify caregivers that would have become dissatisfied and execute intervention strategies, which moved 22 per cent of high risk employees to ‘green,’ or engaged, status within a month.

The employee retention dashboard is part of AlayaCare’s commitment to turning data-backed insights into action through compelling visualization tools and benchmarking. Through AlayaLabs, AlayaCare is integrating insights and data to propel its AI and machine-learning capabilities forward to deliver quality services and products to clients.

Home and community care organizations interested in learning more about the employee retention dashboard can contact AlayaCare by visiting:

About AlayaCare

AlayaCare offers an end-to end software platform for home and community care providers to manage the entire client lifecycle from referrals and intake to billing and payroll and beyond. Combining traditional in-home and virtual care solutions, AlayaCare enables care providers across the world to propel towards innovation and healthcare of the future. AlayaCare was founded in 2014 and is the parent company of Procura, Arrow, CIMS, and AcuteNet.  

Download the full report to learn more about churn’s impact on the home care industry.