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Pre-built workflow automation solutions for post-acute care

Integration with Element5

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Eliminate bottlenecks, improve staff efficiency and lower operational costs with Element5’s workflow automation solution.

Element5 uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate repetitive administrative work in post-acute care. Element5 creates integrations where integrations don’t exist, and performs tasks between existing systems, so teams spend less time manually performing them.

Element5’s automation works seamlessly with AlayaCare, helping eliminate the need for manual work within AlayaCare and between other systems.

Integration benefits

Automate at scale

Run pre-built workflows for repetitive tasks without the need for heavy lifting.

Low investment, high ROI

Lower costs than hiring additional resources to complete routine tasks.

Improved employee satisfaction

Teams spend less time performing mundane clicks, and perform at the top of their licenses.

Easy implementation, low disruption.

Bots are able to perform autonomously, exactly like a human user, without having to change current processes.

Integration Features

How does Element5’s automation work?

Element5 uses trained software robots that are programmed to perform repetitive functions between existing post-acute care systems. As a result, these bots log in to systems on behalf of teams and follow rule-based instructions to complete tasks.

  • Software bots are trained to follow a specific set of instructions or rules to complete the workflow  
  • The bots log on to systems on behalf of your teams and perform tasks exactly like a human user would  
  • Bot statuses, task statuses and other operational insights are delivered through Element5’s Automation Hub, which provides a singular view into your process automation.

Five simple steps to automate:

  1. Get connected with Element5 and engage in a scoping session
  2. Identify the tasks that are the biggest bottlenecks within your organization
  3. Get a scoped pricing based on volume and usage
  4. Work with Element5 teams to provide the necessary access to system while the teams train the automation system
  5. Watch the workflow automation seamlessly perform the most repetitive tasks in your organization as your teams focus on higher value ones


Please contact Element5 for pricing options

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If you’re interested in learning more about our partner integration with Element5, fill out the form today and we’ll be in touch. You can also reach out to Element5 here: