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5 tips to improve and better utilize your home-based care plans

By AlayaCare / March 6, 2024

Poorly managed care plans were in the top 10 complaints from care providers and nurses in home care organizations, according to Home Care Pulse.  Home Care Pulse’s podcast episode, Vision: The Home Care Leaders Podcast, featuring AlayaCare’s Senior Product Manager Lorraine Toderdash, featured advice on how to improve and better utilize care plans to increase…

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4 tips Home Care Can Use to Achieve Rapid Growth in a Rapidly Changing Industry

How client-reported data can help care workers make better health care decisions

By AlayaCare / July 14, 2023

The voice of a client is essential to understanding whether home care services are making a difference. Client-centered care has taken the spotlight when it comes to discussions of quality. Home care agencies are now adapting to providing care that is responsive and respectful of individual client preferences and values, which guides clinical decisions.   Agencies…

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Key Performance Indicators- The Power of Data in Home Care

Key performance indicators: The power of data in home care

By AlayaCare / April 6, 2023

To those who are not executives or data analysts, key performance indicators (KPIs) are an out-of-focus business term that is easier to avoid than to understand. But the reality is that KPIs are an everyman’s tool and are only as useful as employees outside the data world understand them — and see how their efforts…

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4 ways to improve home care inefficiencies with technology

4 ways to improve home care inefficiencies with technology

By AlayaCare / February 16, 2023

With the growing demand for home-based care services, organizations are struggling to keep up with repetitive tasks and inefficiencies that can be costly in terms of time and resources. You want your employees in the head office doing only the tasks that involve building a relationship and making decisions. When you look at what’s happening…

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Home Infusion Therapy… Without the Paperwork

By AlayaCare / July 25, 2022

For patients with conditions that require medication to be infused by needle or catheter, staying at home for treatment is optimal. Not only is it more comfortable and more manageable for them, but infusion-based treatments in hospitals and outpatient clinics — particularly for those who suffer from chronic disease — is an unsustainable expense that…

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How Technology Can Help Eliminate Home Care Employee Churn

By AlayaCare / July 5, 2022

Across the United States, 16 percent of residents are over the age of 65 — and by 2060, it’s expected that one in four Americans will be in the retirement zone. This aging society presents challenges and opportunities across a wide swath of industries and sectors. It’s hard to imagine a market more invested in…

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Value-Based Purchasing and the Role of Home Care Software, Our Ultimate Guide

By AlayaCare / June 17, 2022

What’s the best way to pay those who deliver home care services? The issue remains elusive when it comes to firm answers. It also remains a point of seemingly endless debate and consternation, which isn’t surprising when so much money, deep implications, and sensitivities collide in one discussion. 

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Introducing the AlayaSphere: AlayaCare’s Third-Party Integration Listing

By AlayaCare / April 6, 2018

Home care organizations looking to grow in today’s market require a vision that is unique, defendable, and sustainable. They must erect the infrastructure to support that vision, which includes the people of course, but also needs to include technology. Many service provider agencies grapple with the need for change, while not compromising their business-as-usual work…

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CHRIS Integration: Updates, Referrals, and Patient Records Directly from the Source

By AlayaCare / March 9, 2018

The road to the future of home care is paved with integrated, virtual and collaborative care models. Coordination will remain a major factor in reducing health care expenditures, supporting home care agencies, and vastly improving the patient experience. Silos will disappear, and information will flow securely along the continuum.

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Coordinate and Integrate Care With the Right Software

By AlayaCare / February 2, 2018

The business of home care is about the well-being of clients, and care for those clients is best provided in a harmonized fashion. Each client, in the role as patient, connects with the health-care system in various ways.

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