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6 Proven Ways to Maximize Profitability by Putting Your Data to Work

Guide: Evaluate the security and performance of your home-based care software 

By AlayaCare / March 27, 2024

Home-based care organizations rely on software that both performs well and has the high capacity and security they need to keep their business running smoothly and protect their data.  In the last ten years, data breaches in healthcare have increased by 83%. Cyber-attacks and data breaches could seriously affect your business, so taking the appropriate…

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Top 10 Key Data Reports for Home Care Agency Owners

4 Ways to retain caregivers in home-based care

By AlayaCare / September 15, 2023

As the senior population continues to surge, projected to double by 2031, the criticality of hiring and retaining high-quality home-based care workers has never been more pronounced. The demand for compassionate caregivers who can provide exceptional care in a home-based setting is escalating rapidly. However, agencies are grappling with the challenge of retaining these invaluable…

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3 Ways Home Care Software Can Help Streamline Administrative Efficiency

Overcoming challenges in home care software training and onboarding

By AlayaCare / May 30, 2023

89% of employees who had an effective onboarding experience are engaged at work and are 30x more likely to feel overall job satisfaction compared to employees who feel their onboarding process was lacking. BambooHR, ‘The Definitive Guide to Onboarding’ Effective home care software training and onboarding are crucial for the success of any home care…

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How infusion providers can create effective and fair scheduling for nurses with the right software system

How infusion providers can improve scheduling for nurses

By AlayaCare / May 26, 2023

Infusion nurses are not only health care professionals but also serve as educators and resources to their clients. basis. They’re highly adaptable specialists who can work in any practice setting where IV therapy is delivered. Which is increasingly performed inside special clinics and the homes of patients.   Nurses must possess a firm knowledge of intravenous access and…

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How Do I Choose the Right Home Care Software Vendor?

How Do I Choose the Right Home Care Software Vendor?

By AlayaCare / May 19, 2023

Looking for a new home care software vendor can be a complicated task—there’s no doubt about that. If you’ve already started your research, I’m sure you’ve found that the market has gotten pretty crowded with a number of vendors that all seem to be offering the same features. With the home care landscape shifting to outcome…

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Interoperability and APIs in home care

Increase Your Home Care Agency’s Interoperability with Application Program Interfaces (APIs)

By AlayaCare / May 3, 2023

When it comes to best in class home care software, the home care industry is often mired in antiquated legacy solutions. The more progressive providers have come to understand that the right software needs to have the flexibility to grow with them.  That’s because it is increasingly important to have systems in place that allow…

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3 Ways to streamline processes with home care software

3 Ways Home Care Software Streamlines Agency Processes

By AlayaCare / April 17, 2023

Home care agencies are under constant pressure to provide their patients with the best services possible. But making sure you have the right resources and capabilities in place isn’t easy. The home healthcare industry is notoriously resistant to change, but thanks to advances in technology like home care software, agencies can now streamline processes more…

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Key Performance Indicators- The Power of Data in Home Care

Key performance indicators: The power of data in home care

By AlayaCare / April 6, 2023

To those who are not executives or data analysts, key performance indicators (KPIs) are an out-of-focus business term that is easier to avoid than to understand. But the reality is that KPIs are an everyman’s tool and are only as useful as employees outside the data world understand them — and see how their efforts…

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Reduce Missed Visits and Improve Client Outcomes by leveraging technology

Reduce missed visits and improve client outcomes by leveraging technology 

By AlayaCare / March 29, 2023

The number one challenge that all home and community care providers face is care worker shortage. Providers need solutions to allow them to deliver more care in the community with their existing resources by increasing utilization and efficiency.  Scheduling is a clear area where modern software can help an agency deliver more and better care…

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5 more ways of reducing repetitive tasks through home care software solutions

5 more ways of reducing repetitive tasks through home care software solutions 

By AlayaCare / March 24, 2023

As Adrian Shauer, CEO of AlayaCare, expressed in episode 35 of the HomeHealth360 podcast “Home care agencies now have the tools to finally win the war on repetitive tasks.”    According to a survey conducted by Home Health Care News, 57% of home care agencies reported that they spend up to 3 hours a day on…

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