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Top 10 key data reports for home care agency owners 

Top 10 Key Data Reports for Home Care Agency Owners

The home care industry is growing exponentially, and with aging populations that are living longer, that demand will continue to increase as will the need to fine-tune operations and attract and retain skilled staff. Still, there is plenty of room to meet demand without adding a burden to your teams or losing any traction on high-quality care. 

For owners and administrators at home care agencies, priorities start with keeping up with the day-to-day requirements of running operations, managing schedules, and keeping tabs on client service and employee expectations. It is hard to find time to dig into your own data. But it is invaluable to take the time to build data use into your business strategy.  

Understanding how to analyze and interpret your data is essential for maintaining current operations, pursuing business growth, and meeting the evolving demands of home care recipients and payers. But where should you start? Our experts at AlayaCare know that home care agencies are working tirelessly to manage the growing demand for service – and we’re here to help.  

Here are the top 10 key data reports for home care agency owners:

1. Employee retention  

Are you losing caregivers? How long are they staying with you? Keep an eye on the needs of your caregivers and see what your agency is doing right (and where you can improve). 

2. New client pipeline and referrals report 

A holistic view of your client pipeline over months or years or custom ranges. Find out exactly where your clients are coming from, and who is referring them. This can help you nurture reliable referral sources, or bolster those that seem to be lagging behind. 

3. Client satisfaction  

Tracking positive and negative feedback from clients via feedback reports helps you to see what’s going right, and what could use tweaking. 

4. Hospitalizations/worsening outcomes  

As VBP becomes more common, these reports provide proof of strong client outcomes at both broad and individual levels. 

5. Care plan adherence  

Tracking task completion to ensure that caregivers are completing their visit requirements, and easily see if clients’ care plan goals are being met. Essential for VBP 

6. Location or department performance 

These reports reveal what each department is clocking, specifics about caregiver hours, and much more. If you have multiple offices, this dataset can help you identify high or low demand and make informed decisions. 

7. Premium, mileage, and overtime  

Track your budgetary line items to find where small changes can be made to cut costs without negatively impacting the performance of your staff. 

8. Margin  

These offer insight into caregiver mileage and overtime hours, with a detailed view of which client visits in which districts are costing at the margins of spreadsheets. Essential for any M&A activity. 

9. New client status  

How are new clients transitioning from status to status? You could generate reports that reveal Active, On-Hold, Discharged, and Waiting List – and both spot and correct any lags in the process to ensure new clients are moving efficiently through your intake channel. 

10. Labor cost analysis  

What is your cost per hire? What about turnover? How well is your payment system working? 

Where can I get these reports? 

Measure all your business reports in one place by finding a software tool that transforms reams of data into insights that make an impact. For example, AlayaCare’s Data Exploration feature gives you the superpower to create more accurate reports – significantly faster.  

See how Acclaim Health used the Data Exploration tool to make better-informed decisions and improved workflows within their organization: 

Keep track of your key agency metrics with dashboards that are unique to your business. Whether you’re a scheduler, administrator, or clinical user, dashboards make it easy to organize saved reports, filter through analytics, and get the insights that support decision-making to achieve better outcomes. 

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