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Feature Highlight: AlayaCare’s ADL Management Solution


Courtesy of mobile technology, end-to-end home care solutions and configurable workflow with mandatory tasks, a home care agency can ensure each and every visit is compliant to care plans.

Case managers and supervisors rely on technology to ensure each and every visit follows the prescribed plan. This configurable workflow is an example of how technology can help supervisors focus on outliers and exceptions.

Experience AlayaCare’s fully integrated care plan, scheduling, ADL documentation and task management solution to drive performance, compliance, and clinical outcomes. 

Introducing AlayaCare ADL Management Solution

Re-allocate QA and supervisor resources courtesy of AlayaCare’s reconciliation process that ensures ADLs are captured or commented upon at the point of care. Operate under a management by exception rule that will drastically improve chart auditing, pre-billing verifications and achieve perfect compliance. With our ADL documentation functionality your agency can:

  • Save time and increase efficiency
  • Minimize manual data entry
  • Simplify care provider documentation
  • Real-time communication between supervisors and field staff
  • Streamline reconciliation and quality assurance through batch approval process and exception handling
  • Synchronize, and integrate care plans, scheduling and EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) to achieve efficient workflow
  • Utilize pre-configured reports on individual clients and customize to your needs

Agency challenges and how AlayaCare ADLs solve them: 

Challenge #1

Without an end-to-end software solution to address the significant documentation requirements, agencies risk not fully tapping their potential because of administrative inefficiencies. Nurses are left filling reports by hand and then faxing, scanning or even mailing it back to those who need it. This is not only high-scale inefficiency, it increases the risk for errors with wrong numbers and other pitfalls that then need more time to be adjusted. 


Through modern technology, the burden of manually tracking daily activities and reports can be lifted, helping agencies thrive and their nurses stay engaged. With AlayaCare’s ADL management tools, care workers can simplify daily documentation by: 

  • Leveraging pre-configured ADL libraries or build their own with ease.


  • Customizing ADLs on a 1 to 1 basis, tailor ADLs by day of week and time of day.


  • Adding ADLs at the point of care in real time through our mobile app.

    Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 11.14.55 AM

  • Utilizing the mobile app solution to gain full access to service tasks and up-to-the-second updates anytime, anywhere.


Challenge #2

Within home care organizations, data tends to reside in many different silos often organized by function or purpose. Key pieces of information tend to end up in different places that makes communicating with one another far more tedious.


Data is power and by sharing it, agencies can deliver more modern, personalized and efficient care services. 

The right software, usable by nurses, administrators, schedulers, and anyone involved in a client’s care, accurately captures ADLs and metrics in real-time and is visible across the care continuum. Technology affords some important ingredients to make schedule and documentation reconciliation easier and more accurate, such as “time stamps”, “GPS Coordinates”. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 12.31.10 copy

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 15.44.27 (1)


Challenge #3

Many caregivers, particularly those working in remote areas will experience challenges documenting electronically due little or no WIFI connectivity.


Having offline mode in areas of poor or no connectivity where clock-in/out, form completion and ADL charting are stored in natively on the application and uploaded to the cloud once coverage is re-established.


Challenge #4

While there is no shortage of data, many agencies lack the capability to analyze the data they are collecting.


With AlayaCare’s data exploration tool, your agency has the ability to create custom reports on ADL data in seconds by pulling in a variety of relevant fields. Below is an example of our preconfigured ADL report.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 11.02.52 AM


Check out the AlayaCare ADL Solution

Whether your agency is currently operating on paper documentation or your working on a dated legacy solution, AlayaCare could be the solution you’ve been looking for. 

Learn more about how AlayaCare’s ADL Solution can drive your organization forward by requesting a demo of the solution below.