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Embrace Technology to Recruit and Retain Caregivers


Our aging society presents both opportunities and challenges across many industries and sectors, including the home care market. While jobs that cater to seniors are projected to rise 13 per cent by 2020, the flip side of that growth means that finding and retaining qualified caregivers will become ever more challenging.

Certainly, it’s no secret to anyone in the industry that when it comes to caregivers and nurses, supply is already slipping further each year below demand.

A host of statistical reports and projections swing a bright spotlight on the issue: baby boomers need care and residence, and that need is escalating fast. In fact, in 2016, for the first time, the number of adults over 65 eclipsed children under 14 in North America.

The demand for caregivers in this country is far outpacing workers in the industry, post secondary graduates, and the percentage of newcomers to the country experienced in this field.

While all of us in the industry saw this coming from miles away, the impact on business is becoming increasingly clear. Considering that an agency’s reputation is carried by its ability to maintain levels of care, now is the time to focus carefully on recruiting and retaining the best caregivers available with a true differentiator: technology.  

Choose top tech to keep top talent 

If you’ve read other posts on this site, you’ll know AlayaCare spots opportunities amongst the challenges. A modern operation with mobile technology and nimble software can go a long way to attracting and keeping caregivers who wish to work efficiently within a well-designed setup. 



Technology in this day and age is key to the prime consideration with recruitment and retention: employee satisfaction.

Make work easier and great caregivers who can handle a rising client-load are less likely to burn out and seek opportunities elsewhere. In fact, the relationship between job satisfaction and turnover among nurses was a key element of this professional analysis of the industry.

In a 2016 report from the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), surveys clearly show that caregivers will embrace technology like patient-monitoring tools and care worker mobile apps – but they want them seamless and integrated, because the demands on their time are already high.

Outfitting your agency with a full technology suite – such as AlayaCare’s breakthrough cloud-based home care software – can modernize an operation, meet caregiver needs, and not only attract but retain top staff. 

Simply put, the right technology makes a caregiver’s job easier. For instance, GPS-based mobile care management systems streamline patient care, electronic visit verification and recordkeeping and rid these busy professionals of tedious work such as completing timesheets. 



Furthermore, mobile software has the built-in ability to allow for real-time communication between caregivers and office staff, accurate and rapid data collection and reporting, and brings a level of transparency that builds trust between caregiver and agency. 

When confronted with a shortage of nurses and other caregivers, it’s critical to keep yours satisfied, unstressed, and motivated to help your clients.

AlayaCare is here to help. It only takes a moment to book a free demo to see what our tech solution is all about.

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