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Become a Cloud Raker – Why Cloud is the Only Way to Go for Home Care


Around the globe, more and more industries are getting increasingly comfortable with moving their data to the cloud. Recent reforms in healthcare have indicated that it is time for the industry to undergo a technological upgrade, and cloud computing is the leading trend in this transformation.

The healthcare cloud market is predicted to grow at an average rate of 20.5% from 2010 to 2017. According to a recent survey by HIMSS Analytics about cloud computing adoption in healthcare provider organizations, 83% of IT executives reported using cloud services today, with SaaS-based applications being the most popular (66.9%).

Cloud technologies present an incredible opportunity for home health care providers to enhance services and operational efficiencies, share information seamlessly, and improve patient outcomes.

Here are 5 reasons why cloud computing is the only way to go:

1. Scalability: The ability to scale your resources according to demand is a major advantage of cloud computing. Scalability provides a useful backup plan for when your agency need and demands fluctuate. Should there be a change in the amount of clinical data you’re storing for example, you have the ability to increase or decrease your required resources accordingly; you won’t be paying for resources you’re not using.

2. Resilience: The cloud supports big data sets for electronic health records (EHR), and serves as a safety net with its ability to continue performing regardless of any system interruptions or failures. The need for system maintenance is also dramatically reduced.

3. Connectivity: Cloud computing allows agencies and employees to sync their clinical documents, care plans and ADL tracking, while simultaneously receiving important updates in real time. Authorized employees have the ability to share EHRs in various locations, providing more timely access to important information anywhere, anytime.

4. Cost Reduction: Using the cloud, you only pay for the resources you need. Cost is generally based on demand and more convenient payment models are becoming available such as pay-as-you-go plans. Staff and hardware costs are dramatically reduced and agencies have the ability to maintain easy access to information without breaking the bank.

5. Efficiency: The cloud allows agencies to streamline processes. The ease of use and deployment saves agencies time and money on training and implementation, while allowing employees to work around the clock anywhere from any device without any transitional hiccups.

These high performance features of cloud computing have the potential to improve the quality of the home health care industry.

It can break down barriers for innovation and allot more time for agencies to focus on improving patient outcomes. Become a cloud raker, and get the most out of your health information technology (HIT) processes.

AlayaCare’s Cloud-Based Solution
AlayaCare’s end-to-end home health software is a secure multi-tiered, HIPPA compliant, cloud-based solution that caters to the key technological requirements of the home health care industry.