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5 Ways to Improve your Home Care Agency’s Lead Generation


A major marketing challenge that home care agencies are facing today is competition. With the aging population growing rapidly and the value of the home care industry expected increase to $303.6 billion by 2020 (Zacks, 2015), there will be an increase in new business opportunities, but also an influx of agency competitors; the market is getting crowded.

If you aren’t promoting why people should choose your agency over the others, there is a good chance you could fall behind in the race to win new business.

In order to grow your home care business, it’s imperative to get the word out about your agency to those who need to know about it.

There are a number of marketing methods that you could utilize, but it’s not always easy to determine which mix will have the biggest impact. Let’s take a look at some of the tried and true marketing strategies AlayaCare uses that could help your home care agency stay top-of-mind:

Raise your Voice

At AlayaCare we are constantly sharing valuable industry insights from our team of thought leaders through speaking engagements and publications.

Use your experience and knowledge of home care to speak about current issues, trends, or best practices at local groups or events. Write guest blogs or articles for local columns and websites.

Build your celebrity and become the local home care expert by discussing ongoing challenges in the industry with the public.

Use your News

Keep your audience informed. As a rapidly growing company, AlayaCare is always looking for new ways to be innovative, allowing us to generate monthly, news-worthy announcements.

Write press releases announcing any new services, team members, or products, and distribute them to local media outlets and your social media pages.

This will stimulate interest in your home care agency and let potential clients know your organization is constantly evolving.


If you haven’t already started a blog on your website, now is the time.

Posting relevant and insightful content on your website is one of the easiest, cost efficient and most effective ways to market your agency. Blogs and webinars not only generate more website traffic through SEO (search engine optimization), but clients almost always do their research online before reaching out to a home care agency; an educational post could easily separate you from your competitors. The AlayaCare Blog comes out with two to three blog posts a week, in order to constantly engage with our audience and provide them with useful information.

Build Relationships

AlayaCare has a strong focus on building relationships and trust with clients and sources, which increases the likelihood of our partners recommending our services to those who might need our solution.

According to the Home Care Pulse 2014 Private Duty Benchmarking Study, the following were the top home care agency referral sources in the last year:

  • 19.5% Past and current clients and their loved ones
  • 8.8% Hospital discharge planners
  • 7.1% Medicare certified home health agencies
  • 5.9% Skilled nursing facilities
  • 5.7% State Medicaid waiver programs
  • 5.1% Hospices
  • 4.2% Geriatric care managers
  • 4.0% Area Agency on Aging case managers
  • 3.7% Assisted living facilities

Make an effort to reach out to potential referral sources, whether through email or in person – if you stay in touch and continuously remind people about the benefits of your services and your unique selling points, they’re more likely to remember you when the time comes to refer you to someone they know.

Be Different

Figure out what you offer your clients that other agencies don’t.

AlayaCare not only offers a progressive, end-to-end home care software solution, we are also disrupting the telehealth market by making strides in artificial intelligence, big data and population health management.

Implementing a home health software platform as unique as AlayaCare could give your agency a leading edge on competitors. If you can find a way to differentiate yourselves or add additional value to potential clients—promote it.

Tell your audience how unique your agency is and you’ll have a much better chance of standing out and drawing in new business.

These marketing methods have helped AlayaCare get noticed and also helped establish us as reputable game changers in our industry.

There are many opportunities to get the word out about your home care agency, so take advantage of these marketing ideas and start improving your lead generation today.