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Residential Aged Care Software

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Why organisations choose AlayaCare's Residential aged care software solution

Congruent Assessments & Care Plans

Seamlessly developed using question responses and free text that auto-scripts from assessments to the care plans, also eliminating double data entry and enabling personalisation in order to demonstrate best practice and meet Aged Care Quality standards. Our comprehensive assessment library is available to providers to either customise or use out-of-the-box – whichever suits them best.  

Additionally, organisations can build their own assessments and care plans internally, utilising our handy Design Studio and Form Builder Tool. These options ensure updates can quickly be made to any clinical documents in response to any legislative changes or organisational requirements.   

Dynamic Workflows & Event Templates

These will help guide your staff to follow organisational processes and meet compliance requirements.  Event Templates can group a series  of automated tasks together that can be triggered manually or automatically from a workflow. They are effectively used to manage processes such as Admission, SIRS, falls, Emergency Restrictive Practices and Out of Range Clinical Parameters. Custom ETs auto-generate tasks to occur at predetermined recurrence with any required charts, assessments forms and instructions attached. Furthermore, the advantage of our integrations with the leading wound, pain and medication management solutions is further leveraged by our dynamic workflows that can auto-trigger when data is pulled into AlayaCare. 

Innovative financial management

Utilising our purpose built aged care software, providers can manage resident processes for billing, payments, subsidy and refundable deposits utilising a flexible set up for users which is powered by batch automated processes to empower your business to streamline workflows and reduce user errors. 

Reporting and API availability

Gain insight using one data source for crucial business functions in both Clinical and Finance from one solution, supporting your business intelligence and future planning.  

The fact that AlayaCare Residential is all encompassed within the one system, it just will revolutionise the way that we provide wound care management to our residents.

Michelle Rouillon,

National Project Manager

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