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AlayaCare Residential

Improve care outcomes, increase profit and productivity, while dramatically reducing errors and redundancy. Real time access anytime, anywhere, on any device.  

AlayaCare Residential

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What we offer

Empowering residential care providers

The world of proficient residential aged care management has never been more challenging than it is today. Providers face rising pressures from market volatility, complex legislative requirements, increased demand for data, greater demand for higher quality care and an aged care workforce that is seemingly always shrinking. 
Designed for scalability, performance and developed from the ground up with input from current customers and industry experts, AlayaCare Residential enables providers to implement a solution that is designed to deliver better technology and better outcomes. We offer a platform for service providers to propel towards innovation and residential care of the future. 

The fact that AlayaCare Residential is all encompassed within the one system, it just will revolutionise the way that we provide wound care management to our residents.

Michelle Rouillon,

National Project Manager

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