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AlayaCare University

Empower your team with expert-led training that helps standardise best practices and increase efficiency.

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What is AlayaCare University?

Simply put, it’s your
secret weapon

Imagine a world for aged, disability and home care where new workflows are easily adopted and put into practice by your admins and care providers. A world where you increase your team’s efficiency, decrease manual errors, and boost the adoption of digital best practices – without having to continuously train and re-train. AlayaCare University (ACU) has made this a reality with a new educational platform.  

Based on feedback from our customers, we understand that staff turnover is an ongoing challenge, a significant financial cost, and a disruption for many businesses. AlayaCare University is designed to remove this burden, and is a low-cost alternative to certify team members (current and new) on AlayaCare in a streamlined manner with interactive quizzes and videos 

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How it works

Engage your team in their training

Developed by the product experts, AlayaCare University courses and content build job-based skills, can be adapted as training needs change, and motivate learners through certificates. 

Enroll in courses tailored to job functions

Watch engaging e-learning videos

Take course quizzes to test knowledge

Receive certificates for completion

Monitor progress and encourage course completion


An enhanced and optimised
learning path

Your schedulers, admins and care providers can access content and courses that they can work through at their own pace. Help them fill in the gaps in their day-to-day job functions and accelerate their learning to acquire new skills. 

AlayaCare University features:

300+ lessons 

250+ videos

40+ hours of learning content 

36 individual courses (more to come)

25+ downloadable course recaps

10 role-defined learning plans

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Learn from the best

AlayaCare University gives you and your team access to the experts who built the technology you use. Make training more efficient, drive adoption with information that sticks and increase productivity of all your people. 

Track progress and
get user insights

AlayaCare University can be adapted to meet the changing needs of your team. Expert-led training, at your fingertips, so that your business can grow, thrive and feel empowered.  


learning packages

Choose the level that’s right for your team

Care Managers

Employee Management

Client Profile 

Care Management 

Visit Creation 

Visit Verification 



Family Portal 

Secure Messaging 


Employee Management 


Client Profile 

Visit Creation 

Schedule Management 

Visit Offers 


Visit Verification 


Secure Messaging 



Client Profile 

Care Management 

Visit Verification 


Accounting Settings 


Super Users

All the above, plus 

System Administration 

Roles and Permissions 

Forms Builder

Data Exploration 

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