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5 examples of technology supporting the expansion of HCBS services

The key to better client experience? Improving communication between home-based care providers and clients

By AlayaCare / April 16, 2024

Balancing both operational efficiency and delivering exceptional client experience is a constant objective for which home-based care agencies strive.  The idea of a one-size-fits-all approach in home-based care is disappearing, as every client has specific and unique needs and preferences that require personalized attention. A client-centered care approach encourages active collaboration and shared decision-making between…

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Family portal

Family Access to Home Healthcare Software and Baby Boomers – A Perfect Match

By AlayaCare / April 25, 2023

Since launching our Family Portal module back in September we have had a talk track that has been consistent – families have historically been disconnected and challenged with coordinating care for loved ones as well as keeping an eye on the care and progress – our Family Portal integrated into our own back office solution…

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Supporting patient, caregiver and family engagement with technology

By AlayaCare / July 19, 2022

Families have turned away from nursing homes and other institutionalized settings at record rates over the last few years. Instead, they’re choosing home care for their loved ones. As a result, home care organizations are not only caring for more clients – but more clients with acute and complex needs.

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How to Leverage Digital Patient Engagement Tools to Improve Outcomes

By AlayaCare / April 5, 2022

Home healthcare providers have an increased focus on “patient engagement”, or in the words of Judith Hibbard, Ph.D., MPH, “an individual’s knowledge, skill, and confidence for managing their [own] health and health care.”  There is plenty of research that supports the notion that patients who are confident and who can participate in their own care…

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5 Tips for Improving your Client’s Home Care Experience

By AlayaCare / March 8, 2022

Like many other industries, the home care industry is beginning to put the consumer at the core. Care models are becoming increasingly client-centric, meaning customer service will be hands-down the most important role at your home care agency. This is especially true considering the increasing demand for home healthcare services; clients will be attracted to,…

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Family Portal: Keeping home care clients connected to their own care

By AlayaCare / February 11, 2019

When it comes to home care, there is no bigger stakeholder than the client. Long considered just the recipients of care, the conversation has now fully shifted: each of us is the most critical member of our own care team. We should have the freedom to ask questions, take charge of our own health, be…

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Coordinate and Integrate Care With the Right Software

By AlayaCare / February 2, 2018

The business of home care is about the well-being of clients, and care for those clients is best provided in a harmonized fashion. Each client, in the role as patient, connects with the health-care system in various ways.

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Efficiency Tweaks Can Position Agencies Well Amid Changing Home Care Landscape

By AlayaCare / December 11, 2017

At AlayaCare, we firmly believe that altering the delivery of care in small, strategic ways can open doors to newfound efficiencies. These will be key for home care agencies that aim to deliver top-quality service, seize industry momentum, and stay nimble with changing times.

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How Technology Can Improve Hospice Operations and the Overall Quality of Care

By AlayaCare / March 7, 2017

Advances in homecare technology have led to exciting possibilities for home health and hospice organizations. By adopting technology solutions, providers are seeing enhancements in their care delivery, and improvements in business results by reducing costs and ensuring accuracy of clinical documentation. Hospice care can be difficult work, and therefore it becomes more important for care…

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4 Outcome-Based Features Your Home Care Software Needs to Improve Wound Care Management

By AlayaCare / April 27, 2016

Wound care is easily one of the largest needs for home care services. According to the Canadian Home Care Association it is estimated that roughly one-third of all home and community care clients have wound care needs and 50% of care delivered by home care programs involves the management of wounds. Home healthcare professionals are faced with…

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