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Family Access to Home Healthcare Software and Baby Boomers – A Perfect Match

Family portal

Since launching our Family Portal module back in September we have had a talk track that has been consistent – families have historically been disconnected and challenged with coordinating care for loved ones as well as keeping an eye on the care and progress – our Family Portal integrated into our own back office solution or for that matter any home healthcare software solves that challenge.

For the most part we have highlighted technology adoption rates of baby boomer trending higher and higher, closing in their younger counterparts.

The baby boomers are key to the Family Portal value proposition and mission – they provide agencies with the most robust ROI for enhanced communication.

Provide family members with visibility and control whether they are monitoring dad’s knee surgery from across the ocean or aunt Ruth’s foot care from downtown Calgary.

Luke Yoquinto pens a wonderful description of how one baby boomer essentially created her own family portal to deal with her mom’s care in his excellent piece in the Washington Post.

The moral of the story for agencies is – your clients’ families are ready, willing, very much able and in some cases already doing it on their own with Google Docs or using Facebook.

Instead of having your receptionist answering calls or receiving frustrated emails from a family member who feels disconnected, granting portal access enhances engagement for family members dealing with homecare and in many cases assisting in family care-giving. Enhancing engagement for clients and their family members increases their continuity of care which is an important step in providing quality service to your clients, read our blog on 5 tips to increase continuity of care to learn more and learn how to Leverage Digital Patient Engagement Tools to Improve Outcomes

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