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How Technology Can Improve Hospice Operations and the Overall Quality of Care


Advances in homecare technology have led to exciting possibilities for home health and hospice organizations. By adopting technology solutions, providers are seeing enhancements in their care delivery, and improvements in business results by reducing costs and ensuring accuracy of clinical documentation.

Hospice care can be difficult work, and therefore it becomes more important for care workers to avoid distractions and tedious workflows.

By implementing an end-to-end software solution, hospice care providers have the ability to seamlessly capture data in real-time and have access to more information, allowing them to focus on what’s truly important – providing the highest quality of care possible.

Here are just a few features of a comprehensive end-to-end software platform that can improve hospice operations and the overall quality of care:

Point of Care Documentation

Care providers using an electronic solution at the point of care have the ability to reference key information in real-time during the client visit without being disruptive.

An easy-to-use platform can also help improve documentation accuracy by eliminating human error and illegibility. In the case of an emergency, should the client’s care provider not be available, an on-call provider can quickly access the patient record and make a well-informed decision without having previously interacted with that patient.

Having access to this real-time information is extremely valuable.


Scheduling full-time, part-time, contracted staff and volunteers can be an overwhelming task. Coordinators and administrative staff need to keep in mind provider continuity, unavailability, and a number of other factors when scheduling visits, which proves to be extremely difficult when the hospice is running on paper processes.

With the help of an electronic solution, the hospice agency will be able to limit paper processes, including paper schedules and time sheets, and more accurately schedule employees taking into consideration both theirs and their clients, wants, needs and preferences.

Stakeholder Portals

Another resource that has proven to be helpful to clients in hospice care agencies is client and family portals.

Having a source where key stakeholders are able to share reports, updates, and any notes given to them by the provider increases transparency and keeps everyone informed as necessary.

Family members gain peace of mind that they are included in the entire process, even when they are physically unable to be with their loved one receiving care.

In a recent study, 47 percent of 163,000 patients enrolled were in hospice for the last 6 months of their lives.

With such a large and consistently increasing number of patients in the hospice space, it’s imperative to have the appropriate resources in place in order to sustain growth and demand.

AlayaCare is a provider of an end-to-end home healthcare software solution focused on improving agency outcomes through the use of next-generation technology.

If you’ve been running your agency on paper and are tired of wasting time and money on tedious processes, AlayaCare is here to help.

Reach out for a consultation today and learn how we can help your agency increase efficiencies and overall client outcomes.

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