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Revolutionizing Healthcare with Home Telehealth (Webinar Recap)

By AlayaCare / March 29, 2016

20 years later, why is home care still not sure? On March 17th, 2016 we held our most popular webinar ever, featuring our founder and CEO Adrian Schauer and Tim Rowan of Rowan Consulting Associates and Editor of Home Care Technology Report. The webinar focused on a hot topic for home care agencies this year:…

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Telehealth and the Uberization of Home Care

By AlayaCare / March 8, 2016

In the past few years, innovative technologies have been sweeping through various industries, lowering costs and increasing convenience to levels we never imagined. Take for example Uber. This highly publicized company infamously transformed the transportation industry by disrupting the traditional taxi service delivery model through client-centric technology. The model shift resulted in more convenient, transparent…

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Top 3 Home Care Client Complaints & How to Address Them

By AlayaCare / February 23, 2016

In the past few years the healthcare industry has been pushing hard on new initiatives to reduce the amount of hospital readmissions in order to cut healthcare costs and improve the quality of care. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), hospitals in the US spent roughly $41.3 billion in 2011 to…

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Medicaid Telehealth Reimbursement Guidelines

By AlayaCare / February 3, 2016

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Seniors & Technology: Putting the Myths to Rest

By AlayaCare / January 18, 2016

As technology continues to grow, so does the myth that seniors are averse to new innovations. As younger generations assume that their senior counterparts lack an interest or are incapable of comprehending technology, what occurs is that seniors are discouraged from becoming engaged in the first place. We are not saying that seniors are the…

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How Home Care Clients Can Expect Technology to Improve Their Experience

By AlayaCare / January 15, 2016

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the use of technology to support the achievement of health objectives has the potential to transform health service delivery globally. Technology continues to have a significant impact on the home care industry, with an increasing number of home care agencies adopting home care software. The introduction of new…

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2016: The Year of Telehealth Reimbursement

By AlayaCare / January 13, 2016

2015 was a banner year for telehealth and telemedicine. According to the Home Care Technology Report, 200 telemedicine laws were introduced across 42 state legislatures in 2015. According to the American Telehealth Association (ATA), “Telehealth is a rapidly growing field that has the potential to help states leverage a shrinking and maldistributed provider workforce, increase…

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Technology for Seniors: A Holiday Gift Guide

By AlayaCare / December 23, 2015

If you’re wondering what the best holiday gift for the seniors in your life could be, consider teaching them how to stay connected with technology. Ample research shows that technology has the ability to help seniors age in the comfort of their own homes, become more socially engaged, and also improve their mental and physical…

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5 Ways to Improve your Home Care Agency’s Lead Generation

By AlayaCare / December 11, 2015

A major marketing challenge that home care agencies are facing today is competition. With the aging population growing rapidly and the value of the home care industry expected increase to $303.6 billion by 2020 (Zacks, 2015), there will be an increase in new business opportunities, but also an influx of agency competitors; the market is…

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Improving Home Care Client Engagement with Technology

By AlayaCare / October 29, 2015

The importance of communication for client-provider relationships in home health care can’t be emphasized enough. The more engaged and connected clients and their loved ones are, the more likely they will be to follow care worker advice, and to take an active role in their health during, and after home care visits. With the wide…

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