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Automate your Accounts Payable workflow

Integration with Redmap

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Redmap can automate your Accounts Payable workflow, delivering efficiency, transparency and reduced paperwork. It extracts the data you need, electronically validates it and routes it to the appropriate resource before posting to AlayaCare solutions and your ERP for payment.

Why Redmap?

This partnership enables AlayaCare Residential, Disability and Home & Community providers to automate 75% of their invoices, reducing the administrative burden on operational team members to approve invoices and the finance team to process high volumes of invoices within a tight timeframe. The result? More time for the team to focus on their clients and more time for the finance team to focus on value-adding activity.

How does it work?

The Redmap AP Automation system extracts the data you need, electronically validates it, then routes the invoice to the appropriate resource. The invoice is then posted to your ERP for payment. To cater for the IPA changes in Community Care, Redmap has extended its solution to match the information on the vendor invoice to the individualised care budgets. Automating this step means that most invoices don’t need to be touched by the Accounts Team and can go straight to the Care Manager for approval. By doing this, the organisation can eliminate the risk of missed revenue and speed up your claim for Services Australia.


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