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Integration with Pixalere

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Pixalere is a complete wound management software solution for the aged, community and disability care sector, feature intelligent algorithms that determine best practice management and treatment plans at the bedside. 

Why Pixalere?

This partnership enables AlayaCare Residential Clinical Care providers with the ability to identify the true point of care, providing the ability to not only assess and document wounds and incontinence, but to prescribe treatments and schedule follow-ups to heal wounds through evidence-based treatment recommendations in order to achieve better clients’ outcomes.  

Integration Features

How does it work?

The residents’ demographic details replicate in Pixalere.The following details recorded in Pixalere are mirrored in CC in the following ways:

  • Commencement of a wound and closure of a wound present as a progress note
  • Vital signs push to appropriate charts i.e. vitals, weight etc.
  • Waterlow completed in Pixalere present as an assessment in Clinical Care
  • Wound dressing presents as a task allocated to an Registered Nurse


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