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[Webinar recap] 3 Ways to Supercharge Your Home Care Business in 2023 

Q2 Webinar Title Slide Blog Cover - 3 ways to supercharge your home care business in 2023

Home care businesses are often faced with the challenge of maintaining efficient operations while delivering top-notch care to their clients. However, it is estimated that as much as one-third of an agency’s gross profit is spent on administrative tasks and not enough on decision-making and building relationships with clients.   

In our recent webinar – 3 Ways to Supercharge Your Home Care Business in 2023 – we brought together some of the best in home care to share their insights on how home-based care organizations can capitalize on new strategies to maximize their business growth, while remaining client-focused in 2023.   

The panelists were: 

Adrian Schauer, CEO & Co-Founder, AlayaCare 

Jen (Gentzlinger) Lentz, Home Care Advisor, Havencrest Capital Management 

Kristen Duell, CMO, Home Care Pulse 

Scroll down for the takeaways! 

  1. Leverage efficiencies 

“Compensation for caregivers is rising faster than reimbursement rates, and so margins are being squeezed. If you look at that as an environment, you really have no choice but to find efficiencies in the business, and when we talk about declaring war on repetitive tasks, what I mean by that is having a look at the operations that happen within your business and really triaging any steps that happen that don’t require building or leveraging a relationship and where a real decision is being made. Any time you have people doing a sequence of clicks or a sequence of actions offline that don’t require a relationship and where you’re not making a decision, those are prime opportunities to automate away those tasks and allow your people to focus on the value-added work” shared Adrian Schauer, AlayaCare Co-founder & CEO 

  1. Find ways to improve employee retention 

“Improving employee retention is done by creating a workplace culture of belonging where employees feel like their feedback is actually valuable. Not only are they sharing it, but you’re doing something about it” shared Kristen Duell, CMO at Home Care Pulse. She goes on to say that agencies need to “make a plan in order to address that feedback and what is working, what isn’t working, and what topics you need to include in your training and education programs.” 

  1. Tap into insightful data 

“Data should drive your decisions and tells you what you need to prioritize. So, like what Adrian said, benchmarking yourself against your competition by doing an audit of your company’s data and how you’re comparing to the industry as a whole” shared Kristen. Jen Lentz, Home Care Advisor at Havencrest Capital Management added in that agencies need to do a “technology agnostic assessment of where [they] are with [their] workflows versus where [they] want to be.” This helps agencies identify where they stand and benchmark where they are so they can take action moving forward.  

If you missed the live webinar, we’ve got you covered! Watch the webinar on-demand now to hear all the great takeaways from Jen, Kristen and Adrian.  

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