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Press release

Meet Visit Optimiser: AlayaCare’s new solution for scheduling open visits


As a leading technology for home care, aged care and disability care providers, AlayaCare always strives to improve how it empowers organisations in supporting their staff and delivering the best possible care to their communities.  

That’s why we are excited to announce the official launch of a new feature called Visit Optimiser. AlayaCare’s new solution matches vacant visits with suitable care providers using advanced algorithms and aligning scheduling practices with business objectives. We know that time is one of the most valuable, yet scarce, resources across the health care sector. Our feature is another powerful tool that providers can use to tackle this challenge.  

With more time back in the day, organisations can focus more of their energy on what matters most – driving better outcomes for their business, their staff, and their clients.  

Our Visit Optimiser has been designed around three core pillars: 

Number 1
Better Patient Outcomes
Number 1
Efficient Workforce Utilisation
Number 1
Streamlined Scheduling

Transform your scheduling with Visit Optimiser

The scheduling of vacant visits can be a hard task for many providers, but Visit Optimiser is here to make this process more efficient and effective. The key features of this innovative solution include: 

  • Streamlining the laborious manual process of assigning care workers to vacant visits, which offers providers an intuitive, optimised approach to reduce client wait times and reduce mileage costs. 
  • Efficiently matching and assigning care workers to vacant visits based on their proximity, qualifications, and any other defined parameters. By automating this process, care providers can save time, reduce operational costs, and improve the quality of care delivered to patients. 
  • Identifying the best employee for the visit. This feature allows organisations to offer and negotiate with care workers for vacant visits based on their availability and qualifications. This saves providers the time spent on searching, matching and offering/negotiating with care worker’s vacant visits. 
  • Providing the ability to offer out assignments in bulk for visits, as well as the ability to bulk assign the visit to employees through the optimiser. This flexibility allows organisations to easily manage their workforce efficiently and ensure that their clients receive care from the best-suited carers. 

Configuring Visit Optimiser into your workflow

We understand how important it is for new features to fit in with your organisation’s unique needs and preferences.  

With Visit Optimiser solution, you can launch a set of filters to select the specific vacant visits you would like to fill, streamlining your scheduling process. The tool then computes the most efficient route based on these configuration parameters: 

  • Minimise travel time  
  • Maximise continuity of care 
  • Maximise skills matching  
  • Minimise wait times  
  • Optimise for daily hours (being the number of hours per shift in a given day)  
  • Optimise for weekly hours (being the number of hours worked in a given workweek) 

The scheduler can then bulk assign or offer the suggestions, and run another optimisation job immediately, or return to their other duties. 

Visit Optimiser is a game-changer

AlayaCare’s Visit Optimiser delivers a clear competitive advantage through its advanced algorithms that enable organisations to balance business and scheduling objectives. With this new feature, providers can increase workforce retention, reduce mileage costs, and offer their clients the highest quality of care in the shortest possible time. 

Ultimately, our Visit Optimiser has been developed to help schedulers work through their priorities faster and more efficiently, and drive better outcomes for their communities. 

Speak to our friendly team today about how the game-changing power of Visit Optimiser can propel your organisation towards innovation and help your teams to truly thrive.