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What Is a Customer Advisory Board and Why Should You Join?


Nobody knows how useful any particular technology is more than those who, well, use it every day. Since the early days of AlayaCare, our Customer Advisory Board (CAB) has been an important forum for home care agencies to share their real-world insight into what their administrators, caregivers and clients need, technologically-speaking.

In this same spirit, AlayaCare is broadening its efforts to revamp a CAB program in 2021 so that our software evolves directly in step with the current – and future – needs of home care agencies.

This boils down to a simple idea: either you innovate and cross your fingers, hoping for the best… or you create a software platform and seek direct feedback on how it’s being used and how it can be improved. 

In fact, a CAB is not about product testing at all, but instead an open collaboration between a technology provider and a group that best represents a diverse range of clients. 

It is a strategic program in which customers work with the AlayaCare team to explore technological solutions to challenges in the home care industry. For agencies, it means early access to new features, a forum to make recommendations directly to the technology provider, the chance to learn from and build connections from other home care organizations, and an avenue to share best practices and discover benefits from new technology that extend beneath the surface.   

Why we created our Customer Advisory Board 

Without a CAB in place, decisions on innovations can typically be made in silos from select user feedback or internal decisions made by the software provider. On the other side of the card, a CAB program represents a community of support, a network of support, and a pool of discussions tethered around what agencies need from technology. Between a technology partner and the home care agencies it supports, the CAB is a venue to set course on a shared future. 

For AlayaCare, the CAB will continue to evolve as a crucial sounding board for leaders including our CEOto preview business plans and test-drive ideas with the actual end users of our software. This Board will not only vet products and services, but address industry challenges and generate solutions. There is great power in the group dynamic, whose honest feedback and discussions lead to greater insight than any one agency’s feedback, and foster a true community spirit. 

It is a place without pressure, without any underlying motivations outside of trying to build the kind of technology solutions that are most needed in the real world of home health care. 

In this environment, we can receive feedback on the most effective and well-used features in our software. On a similar note, we can hear about the user pain points and determine how we can make our software better to serve our customer needs. Software must continually evolve and the Customer Advisory Board is a prime way to let us get ahead of the industry or workflow challenges agencies are experiencing so that we build as proactive a platform as possible.

Join the AlayaCare Customer Advisory Board 

Twice a year AlayaCare hosts four CAB panels in different markets. The first set of panels will meet this month; the second will gather in July to discuss where the advances have come in the past half-year and to see if we are on the right track.  

We invite all customers to join this influential program if able. We need your expertise, your perspectives, and your unvarnished input to build what you need the most: client-centric technology.  

Each CAB panel will include:  

  • General session: where we will discuss industry trends and agency priorities, explore how AlayaCare can be most valuable in light of these issues, and ensure that our tech is strategically in sync with client expectations.  
  • Breakout sessions: where we will analyze and brainstorm how to improve solutions, tailor products, and identify specific opportunities on the horizon while strengthening this network of peers. 

Why attend these sessions? Outside of the benefits we’ve laid out above, it’s a unique opportunity to give feedback on what you need from the AlayaCare platform, and to influence how our developers evolve the product. You also gain access to AlayaCare’s beta programs, which means that you can test drive new features before they get released to all customers. Of course, it’s a chance to network with colleagues and learn from other AlayaCare users – and get a little CAB swag along the way. 

For more information on our CAB events including details on how to join, visit our CAB page here or connect with your Client Relationship Manager for more details.