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How to Build the Right Home Care Software? Ask the Customer


At AlayaCare, our values include client focus and constant innovation. And when it comes to delivering the best home care software on the market, the two go hand-in-hand. That’s why we’ve made it a priority to firmly involve our clients in the evolution of our product, to ensure that the technology we offer is tailored to specific industry needs.  

Early on in this start-up company, our developers realized they couldn’t build the right software solution for home care agencies in a silo. So, to keep the pulse of the industry, we introduced a unique Customer Advisory Board (CAB): a forum for clients themselves to help us direct the development and implementation of future products so that the industry’s evolving needs are met. 

While customer feedback is valuable for most companies, the CAB is meant to be a more formal aspect of AlayaCare, run in a similar fashion to a board of directors. Through regular teleconferences and other touch points, AlayaCare’s software experts can gain real-world insight into top priorities for today’s home care agencies. From the start, the CAB has delivered the following key benefits:

  • A line into the most important and topical issues facing home care professionals
  • Projects developed through the perspective of the customer
  • Ongoing discussions around best practices in an evolving industry
  • A better understanding of the day-to-day work and challenges faced by those in the home care environment

Some software companies in this industry have elected to place an internal clinical leader on their management teams – someone who possesses extensive clinical experience in home care (e.g. a retired nurse).

While there is undoubtedly plenty of value in staffing someone who offers an insider view, our experience with the CAB has demonstrated that the breadth and depth of our clients’ perspectives are invaluable in developing new technology.   

Overall, we view our CAB as the equivalent of having multiple clinical leaders inside our company, but rather than working within our office, they’re immersed within the home care environment itself, with their own clients and real-time feedback.

This approach has allowed us to develop software that truly reflects the needs of home care professionals and, ultimately, the patients they serve. 

Feedback drives our future

AlayaCare’s strategy is heavily dependent on customer feedback, which flows not just from CAB meetings, but at regular check-in meetings, site visits to agencies, informal conversations and troubleshooting sessions, and of course Better Outcomes – AlayaCare’s annual user conference. 

We believe that success in the business world comes from knowing where your core strength lies and committing your energy to perfecting that product. For AlayaCare, it is our software, built hand-in-hand with the input of those we serve. To learn more about our end-to-end software solution, book a free demo any time.


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