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How Homecare Agencies Can Start Putting Data to Use


As agencies have tapped modern software to innovate their operations, the promise of a treasure trove of information can quickly be overwhelming if not leveraged properly. It’s one thing to have methods in place to collect data; it’s another to spend time decoding how to analyze that data in a way that enables you to gain meaningful, actionable insights.  

We are still early days into the emergence of machine learning and predictive analytics, whose vast benefits are only beginning to be realized. That, combined with the current need to adjust operations amidst a pandemic, can make it hard to know where to start for home care leaders.  

But start we must, because the benefits sitting inside those reams of data are simply enormous. Understanding your data sources, and then figuring out the trends it is revealing, enables you to take a holistic view of your agency to ensure everyone and everything is looked after: office staff, caregivers on the road, clients, and the agency’s future.  

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There are potentially endless reasons why a home care organization could undergo a data-driven digital transformation – particularly those with an existing tech platform that is actively capturing metrics every day. Equipped with data reports, your agency can  

  • Make decisions with confidence, enabling you to pivot quickly and stay nimble even during times of instability.  
  • Key in on the value you bring to clients and families, ensuring the priorities you set are consistently met. 
  • Ensure that it deliverefficient, customized services in order to stay competitive, keep clients and retain talent. 
  • Manage risk, as you gain an accurate picture of all your agency’s exposure to risk.  
  • Be fully transparent up and down the board, opening a window for stakeholders to view what’s working well and what you’re striving to improve. 
  • Reduce or even eliminate manual reporting, freeing staff for higher-value work, realizing new opportunities 
  • Realize newfound efficiencies when it comes to administration, even in the most burdensome areas  

This is just the start – only within each agency can data’s potential be mapped out. So that leaves one important matter: what’s the best way to begin making data work for you? 

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Let’s get started  

To help get the conversation started, we invite you to view our list of 17 reports that can enable any private duty home care agency to do more for clients, staff and the business itself – simply by analyzing data already being collected.  

They are spread across a slew of vital areas of businesses including the all-important client outcomes; referrals and client intake; supporting care workers; optimized schedules; visit verifications; and billing/payroll. 

In addition, here are a few thought starters and quick tips to set you up for success:  

Know the outcomes you wantEffective data analysis begins by deciding which particular questions you need evidence-based answers to with regard to your agency’s operations. Begin by polling your teams and seeing where the most urgent question marks arise.  

Start simple: When you’re just starting out, it can be tempting to try and tackle everything at once, but to avoid being overwhelmed, first try to analyze the bite-sized pieces of your agency that yield the most immediate returns on performance/bottom line/client outcomes. Analyze the data you already possess, that you’ve already been collecting. Learn to turn it around, comb through it, and harvest what you can before you start collecting new data. 

Embrace data visualizationReports that feature data visualizations are powerful ways to drive home important points with boards, payers, clients, families — any stakeholders at all.  

Determine how change will happen: A key word here is “actionable” insights. Ensure your agency sets forth analyzing data with a lens on how what you learn will actually be implemented. While it may change with each question you are studying, the path to action should be reasonably clear from the get-go.   

Introducing Data Exploration Training Packages

Helping our clients 

AlayaCare has always put stock in the value of analytics. Our data exploration and custom dashboard features provide the tools and capacity to pull meaningful reports and insights to the forefront.  

We’re pleased to introduce our new Data Exploration Training Packages: a series of training sessions designed to help our clients better understand how data insights can support specific elements of an agency – and how to use our platform to its fullest potential.  

For more information about our training packages, please reach out to your client representative or fill out the form here.