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Hospital at Home

5 examples of technology supporting the expansion of HCBS services

5 Examples of technology supporting the expansion of HCBS services 

By AlayaCare / April 28, 2023

President Biden’s recent announcement of a $150 billion pledge to home and community-based services (HCBS) has been met with widespread praise from advocates and organizations that serve the elderly and individuals with disabilities. This significant shift in healthcare delivery highlights the importance of home-based care over institutional care.  To learn more, check out our blog:…

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The Rise of Hospital at Home Part 2: Insights from our Roundtable

By AlayaCare / February 12, 2021

The future of health care is in the home. For a few decades, institutions around the world have been experimenting with a new model of care that would make that mission more of a reality. Now, COVID-19 has served as the urgent circumstance – hospitals at capacity for beds – to make this a much…

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