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What Home Health Care Can Learn from Marketing


AlayaCare is an inspiring place to work – a place that has drawn in so many talented and driven employees due to its unique culture and the sheer devotion to changing the face of the home health care industry through better technology.

When I started here as a Marketing Coordinator I was thrilled to be part of an organization doing such significant work, and looked forward to making meaningful contributions towards the success of the company and ultimately to the reform of the industry.

Some people might be wondering how the role of marketing could possibly have an effect on the reform of the home health care industry, but you might be surprised to know that these industries have more in common than you think.

Beyond “commercials” and any other stereotypes, marketing has a much deeper objective; understanding consumer preferences, pains, and behaviours, while tailoring offerings to their specific needs.

At AlayaCare, our marketing efforts take a client-focused approach.

We provide our audience with relevant and informative content, such as blogs and videos on industry news, technology, and product updates, giving them the tools they need (including our software) to address their “pain points”, improve patient outcomes, and hopefully become their partner of choice when they need our type of service.

With new reforms to healthcare systems such as the Affordable Care Act in the US, or Self-Directed Care in Canada, it is clear that the industry is shifting to a patient-centric system; clients are in control of their care, not the providers.

With clients taking control, home health care providers need to be able to understand individuals’ needs and pain points and tailor their offerings accordingly—just like a marketer.

More and more information will become available to those searching for reliable care providers, so agencies that adapt an approach similar to AlayaCare’s by building trust and relationships in order to stay top of mind when a service is in need, will ultimately attract more partnerships.

In an issue of CARING, Bob Roth, the Managing Partner of Cypress Home Care Solutions, shared his tips and advice on how to successfully market a Private Duty home care agency:

“The agencies with the most success have a common passion for caring for others… Working in this highly personal business requires this passion and it’s important to take an inward look at what fuels your inspiration.”