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How The Right Hiring Software Can Help Your Healthcare Agency


To say that your healthcare agency has enough to worry about at the moment is likely an understatement. It’s always been tough to hire and retain quality applicants, but the pandemic has made filling essential roles all the more difficult. 

Hiring and onboarding in any climate is time consuming and resource constraining, but with the right technology, you can fill your open roles with speed and efficiency, without bogging down your HR team. Here’s how the right software can change your agency’s hiring game from digital marketing to onboarding. 

Attract Applicants to Your Open Roles

Getting the word out about your open positions is essential to hiring qualified candidates, and job boards are the #1 way applicants find open roles. With dozens of job boards, it can be a full-time job to keep up with job postings on each individual site. Some hiring software allows you to choose which boards you’d like to share your postings to, taking away the manual uploading requirements that your hiring team may be used to. 

which channels do you use to find jobs graphic

*From Hireology’s 2020 Applicant Experience Report

Additionally, the format and feel of your career site matters a great deal to your recruiting process. Using keywords and SEO terms to target your preferred audience, Hireology can help you create a career site complete with search-friendly terminology while simultaneously showcasing all that your company has to offer. From benefits to employer brand to career growth opportunities, applicants will be able to see at first glance why working for your agency is the right move for them. 

Speed Up Your Hiring Process

The interview process shouldn’t be grueling, especially for your hiring team. It doesn’t have to take months to fill one position when you have the right technology to guide your process. Automating steps in the hiring process like applicant screening, candidate verification, document collection, and even communication can make all the difference so you can hire much needed talent faster, and not miss out on candidates to your competitors. 

Some hiring platforms even offer a mobile app that allows you to move candidates through the hiring process from anywhere. That way, the instant you receive an application, you can review their application, advance them to an interview, and shoot them a text or email, all from the same platform. 

Transfer New Hire Data Instantly 

Once you’ve made a hire, all new hire data will be transferred to your other people operations platforms, making onboarding easier than ever before. Your new employee won’t have to spend the first few hours or days filling out paperwork — in fact, they can begin their onboarding process before their first official day with the right software. 

Hireology surveyed healthcare professionals that had recently taken a new job, and 70% of respondents said they were given the opportunity to review and complete onboarding materials digitally before their first day. This helps to boost productivity, set your new hires up for success,  and save your HR team valuable time so they can focus on their day-to-day role. 

Integrate With Your Healthcare Scheduling Platform 

A necessary requirement for your hiring software is the capability to integrate with your other healthcare platforms, especially your scheduling software. Hireology integrates with AlayaCare to make scheduling seamless with immediate and secure employee data transfer. You can schedule employees faster, provide better patient care, and save tons of administrative time through this integration — it’s a no-brainer, whether you require a pediatric EMR software, or if you need billing software for Medicaid

Let’s Get Going 

Hiring valuable employees shouldn’t be a painstaking process — and it doesn’t have to be when you have intuitive technology leading the charge. If you’re interested in seeing how the right technology can transform your hiring system, you can schedule a demo here