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AlayaCare Home Infusion Software Hard to Miss at 2019 NHIA Conference


As the U.S. market for out-of-hospital infusion therapy grows, so too does the annual symposium that brings everyone invested in this industry together. This year, the 2019 National Home Infusion Association (NHIA) conference united over 1,200 professionals who deliver or support specialty infusion – including, for the second straight year, AlayaCare.

AlayaCare’s trademark orange was hard to miss on the exhibitor floor — and for good reason. Our fast-growing team of technology experts is fast becoming a major player in the home infusion space, ready to help agencies of any size achieve their maximum growth potential and deliver the best possible outcomes for clients.

The future of home infusion is incredibly strong and growing ($135 billion by 2024) for a number of reasons, most notably because it’s simply better for Americans and for the health-care sector to deliver such services outside of clinics and inside the homes of these often sensitive patients.

AlayaCare primes agencies to step into such a future with the right foothold – with technology that improves operations and fosters more strategic decision-making.

Becoming a data-driven home infusion company 

AlayaCare proudly participated in the exhibitor showcase at NHIA 2019, led by Senior Executive, Sean Hill who revealed how home infusion providers can unearth the full potential of the data it collects.

A key focus of the industry is the NHIA’s national data initiative, which aims to standardize how providers collect patient data in order to drive quality improvement. In doing so, providers can engage in industry-wide benchmarking and research activities, ultimately generating insightful data to generate optimal outcomes for patients receiving home infusion therapy.

At the conference, AlayaCare demonstrated how agencies can stand to gain huge efficiencies within their own operations by becoming more data-focused. Sean highlighted three top areas of focus:

  1. Scheduling: In the infusion industry, we must maximize the time that nurses and caregivers spend with clients, minimize travel time, and best use “ongoing time” after an infusion treatment is delivered. Data unlocks opportunities to get on top of scheduling – a prime source of inefficiency in any home care initiative.
  1. Visit insights: Capturing data through mobile apps, clinical documentation, caregiver notes and remote patient monitoring helps coordinate care, improve patient well-being, reveal gaps in care, predicts busy times, and much more.
  1. APIs: “Application program interfaces” can build an ecosystem of care around clients, connect all aspects of an agency’s business, and deliver insights about clients and the industry overall at any particular point in time.

For more on how to become a data-driven home infusion company, see our new guide.

A mobile-first approach to home infusion

AlayaCare’s mobile-first approach to home infusion is a home care app designed to provide seamless access to data, advanced analytics and a tailored platform to equip agencies for success in the home infusion market.

For the second year in a row we welcomed the NHIA conference audience to explore this potential. In Orlando this past week we probed how the right software makes an impact on many aspects of home infusion, including:

  • Employee recruitment and retention: Highly skilled staff are clearly needed, and attracting and keeping the best employees comes down to reducing their avenues of stress, improving schedules, and making their professional life as smooth as possible. Equipping them and the organization with technology designed to support the role of caregivers is a priority in today’s climate. (For more on eliminating employee churn, see this related story.)
  • Bolstering sales: For home infusion companies, uncovering and establishing performance metrics helps identify what is working best, specific areas for improvement, and if each agency is realizing its full potential in the marketplace.
  • Managing change: As an industry evolves, change is inevitable and it’s important for agencies to foresee and mitigate risks. Having a technology partner on board means an extra layer of support and insight into how to respond to changes such as reimbursement.
  • Staying compliant: An effective compliance program gathers facts, makes the right plan, and charts course strategically in terms of combatting fraud, eliminating waste and abuse, and preventing HIPAA violations.

Thanks again to everyone who came by see us at NHIA 2019. Please check back at when any new developments impact the evolving landscape of home infusion. For those who didn’t attend or have more questions about how software can unlock new business potential, don’t hesitate to reach out to our rep from the NHIA floor