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Spend less time on paperwork, billing and more time on home infusion patient care

By AlayaCare / October 26, 2022

Demand for home infusion pharmacy services is booming, with several more years of sustained growth forecasted. This is a landmark opportunity for the industry to continue its transformation to incorporate more Hospital-at-Home care. In this model, healthcare providers can deliver hospital-level care in the comfort of a patient’s home. Like many other industries, however, the…

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5 Tips to become a preferred referral partner for specialty pharmacy

By AlayaCare / October 5, 2022

Specialty pharmacies are experiencing booming growth in the home care infusion service market. This trend has been predicted for several years – driven by patient preferences, cost savings measures, and readmission rate reduction targets. But like many other home-based therapies, this steady growth accelerated at lightning speed during the initial stay-at-home orders in 2020, with…

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How Home Infusion Providers Deliver Industry-Leading Care

By AlayaCare / July 26, 2022

The pandemic has aptly demonstrated that the need for accessible, reliable care services at home is now imperative. Home and specialty infusion services are, we are increasingly seeing, at the top of the list.  

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Home Infusion Therapy… Without the Paperwork

By AlayaCare / July 25, 2022

For patients with conditions that require medication to be infused by needle or catheter, staying at home for treatment is optimal. Not only is it more comfortable and more manageable for them, but infusion-based treatments in hospitals and outpatient clinics — particularly for those who suffer from chronic disease — is an unsustainable expense that…

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Home Infusion and the Rise of Virtual Care

By AlayaCare / July 21, 2022

At first blush, the specialized delivery of home infusion may not seem to lend itself to virtual care. Yet we think all elements of home care are about to permanently change when it comes to this subject, thrust into the spotlight due to COVID-19. 

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How infusion providers can create effective and fair scheduling for nurses with the right software system

By AlayaCare / June 22, 2022

Infusion nurses — a specialty most certainly on the rise — are not only health-care professionals but serve as educators and resources to the clients they see on a regular basis. Infusion nurses are highly adaptable specialists who can work in any practice setting where IV therapy is delivered, which is increasingly performed inside special…

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AlayaCare and Option Care Health announce joint technology collaboration agreement

By AlayaCare / July 21, 2021

AlayaCare, a global home and community care software company, and Option Care Health, Inc. (“Option Care Health”)  (Nasdaq: OPCH), the largest independent provider of home and alternate site infusion services in the United States, announced today that they have formally established a technology collaboration to develop innovative software for alternate site infusion therapy. This co-development…

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What does the future of home infusion look like? A conversation with Option Care Health

By AlayaCare / May 5, 2021

While it’s not necessarily a joyful exercise to think back a year ago to the initial weeks of the pandemic, it’s nevertheless a useful place to start as we consider where the home infusion industry is set to go, from the standpoint of remote technology.  

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In Booming – and Changing – U.S. Home Infusion Market, Technology Can Propel Providers to Seize Opportunities

By AlayaCare / March 22, 2019

Amidst a surging home infusion therapy market, estimated to be worth US$135 billion in just five years, providers can realize their growth potential, deliver optimal client outcomes and keep pace with emerging legislation by underpinning operations with the right technology.

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AlayaCare Home Infusion Software Hard to Miss at 2019 NHIA Conference

By AlayaCare / March 15, 2019

As the U.S. market for out-of-hospital infusion therapy grows, so too does the annual symposium that brings everyone invested in this industry together. This year, the 2019 National Home Infusion Association (NHIA) conference united over 1,200 professionals who deliver or support specialty infusion – including, for the second straight year, AlayaCare.

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