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Give your Home Care Agency the Gift of Business Intelligence


Home and community care providers are transforming their businesses to adjust to the tectonic shifts in the industry. With a major focus for new care models being value or evidence-based reimbursements, providers are required to take a new found interest in data-driven decision making in order to improve client outcomes.

Thanks to electronic systems and cloud computing, harnessing large amounts of client and organizational data has become the norm for majority of providers – but what’s missing is their ability to analyze this data in order to produce meaningful reports and actionable insights.

For the sake of getting into the holiday spirit, let’s use a gentleman named Saint Nick as an example. Nick works tirelessly all year building toys and games for millions of children and actively monitors who was good enough to receive one. While Nick spent many years using paper-based processes to run his entire workshop and check the Naughty vs. Nice list (twice), by the time 2016 rolled around he knew it was time to upgrade his system – but in a way that let him keep all of his historical data he had collected over the years.

When he says upgrade his system, Nick’s not talking about transferring his data into spreadsheets and using complex and time consuming processes to try and build reports or discover trends.

What Nick needed was a well-orchestrated end-to-end software solution for gathering his data, and an integrated business intelligence (BI) solution to interpret and analyze his data. This kind of technology would enable him to produce meaningful reports and consequently actionable insights to improve his workshop processes, make more informed decisions about who was nice each year, and provide more personalized toys to each child.

With the right solution, Nick would be able to provide his elves with tools and insights on who was working on what and when so they could finish their toy projects in a more efficient and timely manner. Take this one step further, and Nick could even use his business intelligence tool to combine his Naughty vs. Nice list and his Cookies vs. No Cookies list and create a report with an easy to read matrix that lets him prioritize his toy deliveries. With a quick check of his mobile device, Nick was ready to efficiently circle the globe with all the information he needed right at his fingertips.

AlayaCare is a provider of revolutionary cloud-based home healthcare software. With our BI and Data Exploration tool, AlayaCare provides a suite of real-time data analytics and customizable reporting for clients and home healthcare agencies around the globe.

Agencies are able to more effectively collect, store and manage growing volumes of health data, and make better business decisions by mining and analyzing this data faster and more efficiently than ever before. Give your agency the gift of hassle-free reporting and analytics this holiday season – request a demo of the AlayaCare solution today.