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Employee Finder: Don’t Just Schedule Care Workers, Schedule the Right Care Workers


With a care worker staffing crisis predicted to get increasingly worse, home care providers are faced with challenges such as the growing demand for labor, a decrease of available and qualified candidates, and shrinking reimbursement rates.

With client centred and value-based care also on the rise, providers need to find new and improved ways to deliver personalized care to their clients. While it would be ideal to be able to provide care worker consistency to every client, it becomes more challenging if you take into consideration multidisciplinary care plans, managing availability and unavailability for both clients and staff, and what is always constant in home care – CHANGE. 

Courtesy of our conversations and the data we witness from our electronic health record we see client goal achievement is directly correlated to consistency of care workers. Familiar faces, that intimately know clients will achieve better outcomes. Given this well documented fact, we believe continuity should be a key input for finding and scheduling staff.  Care worker continuity presents a number of benefits that are important to client care:

  • A withstanding relationship with that client;
  • Documentation that is easier to follow;
  • The ability to keep a close eye on changes in the client’s condition; and
  • The ability to detect subtle changes in appearance or demeanor.

This is where technology is key. With the help of personal care software, providers now have the ability to choose the most appropriate care worker based on the client’s wants, needs, and preferences, while also increasing accountability and the predictability of patient outcomes.

Introducing the AlayaCare Employee Finder

Don’t just schedule care workers, schedule the right care workers. With AlayaCare’s Employee Finder, our complex matching algorithm recommends qualified, available employees for specific client visits based on a variety of criteria:

  • Compatibility
  • Skills and abilities
  • Overtime
  • Departments
  • Capacity
  • Continuity
  • Availability/Unavailability
  • Seniority
  • Proximity

Depending on the filters and criteria selected, the employee list will expand/contract to include the matching employees. Additionally, users can further refine employee lists shown by segmenting based on group, departments, and seniority ranking.

To further explain, let’s present a few scenarios you may have experienced with previous workflows or solutions — and how this feature solves them.

Scenario #1

An employee cancels or hasn’t shown up to the client visit and coordinators are left scrambling to find a replacement.


With AlayaCare’s Employee Finder feature, you have the ability to pull up the most compatible and available employees in minutes using a number of filters.

employee finder 4

employee finder 3

Scenario #2

Most home care scheduling solutions require you to toggle between a number of screens to find the details you need to schedule a new or replacement employee. This is time consuming and can be quite frustrating for employees in a time crunch.


AlayaCare’s Employee Finder incorporates both a “Metrics” and “Calendar” view, allowing schedulers and coordinators to have complete visibility into all the information they require to fill a vacant or missed visit on a single screen.

employee finder

employee finder 2

Scenario #3

Access to schedule updates is limited due to paper processes or legacy solutions. Once the ideal schedule and routes are calculated, there is no way to update care workers in real time.


AlayaCare allows you to send employees a shift offer  to instantly inform chosen employees of the vacant visit/shift via mobile messaging, allowing them to efficiently pick up additional shifts.


Check out the AlayaCare Employee Finder 

When confronted with a shortage of nurses and other caregivers, it’s critical to keep yours satisfied, unstressed, and motivated to help your clients.  

AlayaCare is here to help. It only takes a moment to book a free demo to see what our home care technology solution is all about.